Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another good-bye

The Last evening with Larry and Karen.
We planned ahead of time that we would make a trip to Argentina for dinner -
a really nice dinner.
Larry and Karen had already gone to this place and wanted to experience it again.
They didn't have to convince us!
Another perk was that it had heat - in the very room we were in!!!
It was everything we had hoped for in food and company....
After the meal we headed to the mall in Iguassu Falls where
we were to meet a few
of the guys from church so that Larry and Karen could say good-bye.
I know they would say they had come to love the people here, as have we.

The time had come for us to say good-bye to Larry and Karen too, so, early the next morning
we took them to the airport.
It was sad to see them go while at the same time knowing that it was time
to be on our own
in order to learn what living in Brazil was all about.
We are so grateful to them and to God
for giving us this "ease" time into the country by having their help.
Thanks you guys.
We really count it as a gift from you and the Lord!
thanks for the meal, too, even though that gift was unintended!
We owe you!
And then, after they left, it really got cold! Did I mention -

it was coooooold!
And this was in the house!
Hard to believe it was in the 100's back in Oregon -
and it was hard to feel sorry for you!
Remind me of that when it's hot here later on!


Glenda said...

God has equipped you... though I bet you can already think of a dozen questions you should've asked your friends before they left! =) I'll still be praying for your continued transition.

AND...that cold looks COLD! I guess you didn't expect you'd be playing "Little House on the Prairie." You'll have to be "Ma in her kerchief," so put a hat on, girlie! hehe...The season will turn soon...hold out hope.

Hope your week brings beautiful blessings.

Kellie said...

Haha! I love the picture of you Mom! It doesn't surprise me to see you all wrapped up in blankets!

love you :)

Unknown said...

Ugh...that looks so cold!!! Spring is coming...spring is coming...keep telling yourself that!

Shelldell said...

keep warm.
That's why my son in law visits in the winter.
My daughter says it gets really hot there.

Anonymous said...

Hi from sunny and hot :-( Oregon Sheri!! We miss you but know you are doing great! It was our pleasure to have that last couple of days with you. We enjoyed the dinner as well and it will be a fond memory for us. I am sure you will get back there more than a few times so enjoy, and tell Fabiano "Hi!" from us :-D. Love you and hope to talk to you soon. Larry doesn't think we have your skype info so we'll look it up soon.