Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Way to the Heart

They say that the best way to a man's heart
is through his stomache.
Well, I don't know if that is true but I think it did work in order to worm
my way into the group of ladies that attend Foz Calvary!
TaLisa had mentioned that she would like for me to pray about having a ladies Bible study at the church while we were here. I jumped at the chance. I love women's ministry and this would be my chance to get to know them better during our time spent here. So I talked with the women (through an translator, of course!) and it was decided that last night
was to be the first of weekly meetings.
I decided on cookies!
I had heard that they love the way we make cookies in the States and I was assured that even if they didn't turn out the way
I was used too it would be okay -
that they would still love them!
I also like to make cookies so it was
a win-win situation!
I asked my Portuguese teacher to take me to the grocery store and with my list in hand we figured out what I needed. At least we were hoping that we figured it out. Everything looks and is packaged differently than what I am used to. When she grabbed the shortening out of the refrigerated area I didn't see how this could be right -
but it proved to be!

The brown sugar looked similiar but it has a smell to it that is nothing like we are used to. I tried it. Even the cookies had the smell when they were baked and you can taste it in the cookie itself.
I'm not sure what it is!
We still aren't sure if I actually used baking soda! Try explaining what that is to someone.

Look closely at the oven dial.... no tempature gauge. So it was experiment time! I asked if this was normal to not have the tempatures written out and they smiled and told me "yes, their ovens are different than in the United States." No kidding.

The dough didn't look too bad. And then..........
yes! It didn't taste too bad either!

Well, they weren't perfection and they didn't taste quite the same as usual but they were good.
And they were eaten!
A special treat for my Brazilian friends!
They even took some home to share.
Next week we are trying soup - from scratch of course - I didn't see an aisle of Campbells!


dori said...

You know how much I love to bake! I wish I could have been there to experiment with you!

Glenda said...

No kidding. I really hope I never get the term "baking soda" in charades. You've given me a whole new appreciation for adapting to everyday life in Brazil! haha! Love your story and accompanying photos. Warm and wonderful --- like you. =)

Mainely Me said...

I have a hard enough time with cooking to deal with those kinds of road blocks! Hooray for your spirit of adventure!!!

Kellie said...

Nice work Mom! We were just talking about how we need some cookies :)

mom and dad said...

In case you see something that looks like molasses, I have used about a tablespoon or so with a cup of regular sugar as a substitute for brown sugar-works great! Such a fun blog you keep, and special that you will now have a "home group" with the ladies-it will bless many!

Carmen said...

Hi my special Brazilian friends. The Holy Spirit prayed over Brett last night and we prayed for you guys as well. Sure miss you.

Now I have a question: When you said that you thought the cookies worked to worm your way into the group of ladies, I expected a story about how eating the raw dough (I know you love it raw as I do) gave you worms.

Now I am thinking it was a typo!

Big hug to you both, and many prayers.

Judy said...

Loved this, just needed smell-o-rama. I did a bit of research, 'cause I figure this may come up again. Substitute is baking soda and cream of tartar. Here's the link to the baking scientists who talk you thru the new recipe and hopefully not too detailed reasons why this science experiment works.
Cookies! Such a powerful tool!

heather smith said...

You are such a brave soul! Way to go! It's got to be intimidating trying to do something like that in a new place with difference products! I am so happy to hear they turned out well! :):):)

Heidi said...

Sheri, ok I just have to praise the Lord that you have a kitchen aid in BRAZIL! How cool is that? Just that little touch would make me feel at home. :) -Heidi