Thursday, September 30, 2010

One Word

Last night, at our going away party,
John asked the people here at the church
to either tell us or write down
something we have said or done to bless them personally.
Each one is a treasure to us.
And truly humbled us.

One young woman hugged me
while saying into my ear,
"There is one word I want to say.
That's what you have taught
me is possible
with God."

And suddenly, the pain and the tears were all worth it.
Once again.

Thank you, Lord.

I will restore to you the years the swarming locust have eaten.... Joel 2:25

Estados Unidos - here we come!

Today is the day we board the plane to go back to Tennessee.
To say that we have mixed feelings is putting it mildly.
We are so very excited to see Kellie and Jason at the airport in Nashville.
To see our friends at Calvary Cleveland.
And evidently, the rest of our family in December.

We have missed them all.

But in order to see them, we must leave those here in Curitiba
that we have come to know and love so very much.

I remember John praying the Sunday before he left for the states
that their would be tears when we leave
because then we would know that love had taken root.

God has been faithful to answer that prayer.

So in this last post before we leave,
I will give just a snap shot of the joy
that we found in this place.

The pictures were chosen, not because any one person
is more important to us than another
but rather because they were some of the better pictures
or they expressed a part of the church body that I wanted to convey.
And remember.
I have treasured pictures of most everyone in my possession
that I am sure I will look at often.

To our friends in Curitiba,
We love you, each one.

You have blessed us above and beyond
what we could have hoped for.
We have grown in our love for Jesus because of you.

Thank you
for the laughter,
the tears,
the honesty
and the great love shown to us.

You will not be forgotten...

Besides - this is not good-bye but only

See you later!

and God bless you until then.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is It 58? Already?

I've already told you how wonderful I believe my parents are.
Not only have they given me a childhood full of great memories
they have given me an adulthood full of unconditional love,
Godly wisdom and the best of examples.

I couldn't love them more.

And the greatest gift they have given me:
Their love for each other.
It has only grown bigger with time.

I am blessed by you both.

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Seem to Remember That Today is Special.....

Happy Birthday, Joni!!!

You're still not ready for purple!

So thankful that you are my sister.
We may have had our rough patches but, seriously,
they are hard to remember right now.
A history together is worth so very much.

So thankful you are my friend.
We have had fun!
The many shopping trips and the laughing until early morning hours
(or not going to bed at all!).
Sharing deep, heart felt things.
You know how to give of your time, how to laugh
& how to listen.
Very important things in friendship.

So thankful you are in my life.
I can't imagine it without you.

Have a wonderful birthday
and know you are deeply loved.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Little Humor

This picture got me to thinking......

do you see any resemblance?.......

or is it my imagination?.....

I've got my own "Little Rascals"!!!!

the "Little Rascals", or early version "Our Gang" was a show created in the 1920's.
It was intended to be about real children doing things that real children do.
Google it and you will find a few laughs.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

God's Handiwork. Floripa.

We did it and I'm so glad that we did.
We hoped on a bus and headed for Florianopolis for a week.
I knew in my head that it's beautiful there but I always forget HOW beautiful.
Someday, when I'm not on crutches, I will explore that place...

Waiting at the church to leave for the retreat center

We found out a few days before we left that Calvary Chapel Floripa was going
to be having a retreat.
It sounded like a great time to get to know some of the people and
a great excuse to see Claudio, Jess and Zeph again.

And the sun.... the wonderful sun.

Kevin, Deigo, & Claudio

Deigo from Campo Mourao, was the guest speaker.
Powerful teachings on the last days.

A good retreat always has the following:


Teaching (and translating!)



The sweetest of times: Baptism

And fellowship.

Warren goofing off in the cafeteria with Larry,
his children and one of the other boys.

We were blessed to be a part of it.
Blessed to meet so many great people
and to again see some that we have already grown to love.

The peace of Floripa

After the retreat was over we had time to hang out with the Cazes.
It was good to get to talk about their lives, the church
and to experience life with them for a few days.
The restaurant we went to. Out on the dock. Best shrimp and fish ever.

On Wed. we took a boat taxi and headed out for the part of the island that you can't get to by car.
They had taken Warren and I there on our last trip
and we had enjoyed it so much.
We weren't disappointed this time either.
How many times do you go before it becomes "old stuff"
and you take such beauty for granted?
I don't know. But I think it would take Warren and I quite a few trips.
Warren was ready to move!

Claudio, Zeph and a new friend.
Fishing. They actually caught a couple small fish.

The group
back: Dani, Pricilia, me, Warren
front: Bruna, Jessica, Claudio & Zeph

Jess and Zeph (2)

sorry about the bad picture!

There is something bad about Floripa though -
the bugs!
I got bit by something and this swollen foot is what I had to show for it.
It itched like crazy and that lasted for a few days
but everything is back to normal now.

Our hotel patio and the view from our windows.

These are the children of Danielle and Nathan Cate.
Three of them they recently adopted while in the states.
The oldest is 6. The youngest is 13 months.
Nathan is the pastor of one of the two Calvaries in Florianopolis.
We were able to spend an afternoon with them at their home.
Such a great afternoon.
We heard their heart for Brazil and the people they serve.
Their commitment to their children.
And most importantly, their love for the Lord.

It is a privilege to know them.

Danielle, Ezekiel 13 mo., Jeremiah 2, Josiah 6, Hope 4, Nate, Grace 3, Lily 2

The whole family.
Aren't they adorable!!!!!!
I must admit I stole these pictures off of their blog.
Of course, I had forgotten to take the camera.

There is so much beauty in Floripa and the pictures show just a fraction of it.
You really must come visit.
You really must experience it.
Just let us know and we'll be sure to be there too!

Good-bye, Floripa, for now.

The Green Bus

Warren with "the girls".

A couple of weeks ago we had the fun of going on a city tour bus
through the streets of Curitiba.
Because I had been having problems with my knee we hadn't been out to see too
much of the city on our own so it was a blessing to be able to do this.
We had been wanting to do it, Marcellie had been wanting to take us
and one Sunday a girl from the church gave us tickets
not even being aware of our desire to go.
It was such a blessing.

Thank you Natalia!

A school class on the walking street.

First Marcellie arranged for us to have lunch downtown with a
classmate of hers that grew up in Albany.
He actually graduated the same year as Josh
but from West Albany.
Too bad for him!

Then we "dreamed" in some of the stores in the area
while we waiting on the bus.

Settling in for the bus ride. As you can see the top of the bus is open.
It was the perfect day to go. Sunny but not to hot.
The girls bought us the hats,
afraid we would get sun burned.

Our guides and good friends:
Marcellie and Helo.
(Helo is John's sister-in-law)
Both are beautiful inside and out!

One of the parks in the downtown area.
Notice the sidewalk sweeper.

Hey, a little "fixer-upper" for me.
But then, Warren isn't so much into electrical work.
Better pass!

One of the city sidewalks.

The building of an apartment complex.
Thought you may want to see the "bones".
These guys are putting the stucco over the brick.
They had a pulley rigged up with a bucket on the end
and would pull it up to them with the cement in it.
They were on the 3rd floor, I believe.

One of the magnificent buildings that are being restored.
Curitiba is considered the European city of Brazil
and you will find much of that influence in the buildings.

I love it!

The picture doesn't show the "I" on igreja
which means church.
The bottom line means
"God is love"

The Tubes
explained later.

Although Curitiba is light on the graffiti,
every now and then you run into some areas that are full of it.
Some of it is almost a work of art, others -
not so much!

This is what they call a "tube".
It is one of many around town and is actually
the bus stop!
People can enter these and change from one bus to another
without buying another bus ticket.
Curitiba is known for it's public transportation system.

And this is one of the reasons you want to take
public transportation!
And this wasn't even rush hour.

This is the side of the tourist bus.
I took the picture to show you how close we are to the ladder.
We (the bus) are in the middle of a turn at a major intersection.
The ladder is in the intersection with a man on it repairing something.
The ladder is leaning on the electrical wiring that runs across the street.
We (the people in the bus) could have easily reached up and grabbed the wires.

We remained stopped in the intersection until he was done with his repairs.
We could not have finished the turn without
running over him.
No OSHA here I guess!!!!

Finishing our afternoon with a light snack at an outside cafe.
Beautiful weather + beautiful people + a beautiful city=
a truly memorable afternoon.

Thank you, Marcellie and Helo!!!!!