Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Neighborhood Home Improvement Store

So it was with great excitement I entered the neighborhood store today.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Although it is a small store it actually had things that I could see myself wanting someday. The outside BBQ was a great idea. Just needs the outside stone or brick. Don't be deceived by the price though, it's x9!

I think I surprised Warren by choosing more of a modern faucet out of the bunch. Who knows if it would really be my final choice but I did like it and see nothing wrong with spicing up my style a little bit!!!
(for you Antiquers, don't worry, I haven't given that up yet, either)

Can't say that I wanted any of these toliet seats but they did make for a colorful display!

There were a lot of tile choices. Some I loved, some I would just have to live with!

All in all, it's got me thinking....

Warren better not put down that tool belt yet!


Anonymous said...

This is a necessary store for both of you! I can't wait to see all the fun things you find there for projects to spruce up whereever you call home!
Are you sure you don't need a colored toilet seat?


David Jensen said...

The price tag on the outdoor oven looks a lot like the Home Depot labels! Don't you just love date nights browsing the home improvement store isles.

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