Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30th, 2009

We are home.

It was great!

We are tired.

It is late!

Enough said for now....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It Can't Be

Happy 29th Birthday, sweet daughter! Kellie - There's no way to say what it means to both of us to have you for a daughter. I remember the excitement (and surprise) we felt when the doctor told us we had a girl!
And that thrill has continued!

You have a way of bringing laughter to our family that no one else is able to bring. Joy flows from you and you are weathly with friends and loved ones because of it.
We have had the pleasure of watching you grow from a child into an adult with a genuine love for the Lord. You are making your life count for the things in this life that really matter. We are proud!

You are a gifted, loving (young?!) lady, and it is a great joy to call you daughter!!!

May this be the best year yet!

We love you much!

pictures by Heather Smith

Monday, June 15, 2009

Headed West

We are now somewhere in Wyoming with the hopes of getting to Nampa, Idaho tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing my parents, my sisters and their families, and one of my dearest high school friends (the maid of honor at my wedding who I haven't seen in 29 years!) We also have a wedding to attend :
Congratulations Kali and Marcus!

For tonight, though, I must go back in time. While still in Tennessee, when the four of us were out and about, we saw this: The poor driver of this rented truck had not taken into consideration (although it was well marked) that his vehicle may not be short enough to fit under the bridge you see behind it! After a few chuckles I do have to admit we felt genuinely bad for the fellow (just assuming it was a guy). Off to the side of the road we saw alot of young people unloading sleeping bags, sound equipment, etc. The things you would find a youth group having on their way to camp (they also all had matching tee shirts) Although we never did find a newspaper article to tell us what really happened we came to the conclusion it was a high school pastor taking his flock to camp. And I immediately wanted to warn Brett....!!!!! So Brett, if you ever do drive a rental truck remember to find out how tall it is and check the height of bridges before going under them.......!!!!!

This next picture is the before of our best finds at an estate sale. There are two of them and they were exactly what Kellie wanted for their master bedroom. They were $30 for the pair!!

We took them home and painted them with Krylon "nickel" and they were perfect.

The next is my great find:

That's right. Kate Spade for $7.00!!!!!! It's the only way I could afford a real one
and it was cute too!
Then yesterday we had to leave Tennessee. So we said the first hard good-byes.
Poor Warren- what do you do with a wife that starts to cry every time you look at her or try to say something to make her feel better? The only thing you can do - give it time.
Today was better!
I was excited when we started out today because we had decided we were going to detour just a little and see Milford, NE. I had not been there in 40 years! We use to go there to see my grandparents when I was a little girl. Warren always thought it was a big town because so many Mennonites speak of Milford but actually it's tiny. The main street is still the original brick road. So charming.
This is the newspaper office:

I was able to find my grandparents house immediately and this is it:

Not quite the same shape it was in when they lived there but that was a long time ago.....!
All in all we are having a wonderful trip West although a much faster one than the one we took East. Today we stayed just ahead of the tornadoes that were sighted in Nebraska.
We were glad to see Wyoming!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm feeling a little bit lonesome.
It's good to have phones, facebook and e-mails. Believe me, I know that I am going to be so thankful for the technology that we have today but
sometimes a hug would mean the world...
so, today, I just wanted them to know that I miss them and I'm hugging them in my heart....

Actually, there are 4 little boys I'm longing for but blogger wouldn't let me steal any pictures from Jodi today for whatever reason. These two pictures were taken at our apartment slumber party right before we left for Tennessee.

What a fun night, uh boys?!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Out of the Norm

This is not full of insightful stories! (But then, is it ever?!)
This is just a post to capture some of the things we have been doing while here in Cleveland, TN. I told you that Warren has been building a piece of furniture for Kellie and Jason.
Well, welcome to his new shop!
Just before we arrived Kellie had found out from a customer that some of her tags had appeared in Better Homes and Gardens this month. She was not credited but it was fun to see anyway!
(Did I mention I am proud?!)

Our day of garage sales and 2nd hand shops. Just two purchases. This chandelier was mine. Kellie got a plastic butterfly to sell. I could hardly believe people buy those plastic butterflies. I remember them in houses growing up and I didn't even like them then! But low and behold, Kellie had it sold within minutes after arriving back home. Amazing....

Sunday, of course, brought fellowship with Calvary Chapel Cleveland. It was so good to see friends from our past visits and also good to meet the new. They are now out of the house that they had been meeting in and into a building. As you can see by the sheet rock tape they still have some work to do but on the whole it is looking good! All in all, a very sweet time...


and more worship.
After church we headed for lunch and then out to the lake for the afternoon. It was a most relaxing way to spend time. Thanks Clark and Maureen!

Isn't he cute?! (I was going to say sexy but didn't want to embarrass anyone!)

Getting ready to knee board

That's my man!
Now I know all of you ladies will be jealous but I have to tell:
yesterday Kellie, Maureen and I went to Pottery Barn Outlet!!!!
To make you feel better: we did not find the great things that we have in the past. Oh. not that there wasn't any wonderful things, just not the ones that we happen to be looking for. That's what you get when you have specific list. :) We did have a great time together and were able to catch a few other outlet stores too.

We'll end with our self portrait from yesterday.
In case you can't tell:
we're having a great time!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Back In Time

I know this is after the fact but I thought, for our own benefit, that I would post some more about the trip out. We did have a great time traveling.
It took us 6 days, driving around 500 miles a day for a total of 2975! (both of our guesses were too low) And, after all that those miles, we are still looking forward to the drive home. We will be taking a different route so we'll be seeing new country.

We started out our day on Tues. making a detour. We hadn't been driving for long when Warren decided he couldn't stand the bouncing any longer. Whenever we hit a speed of 70 the pickup with do a little dance. It was annoying Warren. So we pulled off the Interstate onto a rather sad looking part of town. We found a place that had one young man working and asked about balancing our tires. Sure thing. We planned to go to the coffee shop down the street while we waited but were informed that it was no longer open. So we stood and waited. It wasn't much to look at but he did a good job! No more dancing down the freeway. Warren was happy and I was glad to be on our way.

Periodically we would leave I 40 and travel on Route 66. Sometimes it was worth the detour and other times not so much. On Tues, while in Texas, we decided at lunch time to take old 66 and it was totally worth it. We found a cafe where the people there were true southerners, accent and all! The menu was limited but so good. Great hamburgers! For dessert Warren tried their 3 berry cobbler with ice cream. Okay, I tried it too, but just 2 bites. Then I went to the gift shop so I wouldn't get my hand slapped for taking too much of his.

Love doesn't mean a thing when it comes to cobbler!

The cafe happened to be at the midpoint of Route 66. We didn't know that when we took took that exit. A tiny, little town but worth the stop.

This picture is for you David - because you like this sorta thing! The cross was marked as the largest in the western hemisphere. I believe it was at a Baptist church. Now how do they come up with this? Did they really research before they built it to say we need to go 2 more inches to have the tallest and set a record?! And who decided it was the tallest? Did they check the measurements to be sure neither cheated? Just curious....!We were amazed at the amount of poverty that we saw along the way. Maybe because it was more out in the open that I was made so aware of it. I wondered at times how people could live the way they do. Warren said there is probably just as much in Oregon but the trees and bushes cover so much more up. Again I was reminded of how blessed I am. Even though I feel homeless my life looks so much better. We also saw alot of the signs of the poor economy. Big malls that are newly built sitting completely empty. Many big commercial building not finished and just sitting there with probably no plans to finish. It was an eye opener.
We are having so much fun at Jason and Kellies'. Kellie and I have already had a shopping day on Thursday. On Friday we somehow convinced the guys to go garage sale shopping! It was a bust but we did hit a few 2nd hand stores which gave us a couple of prizes. Yesterday Warren, Kellie and I worked on projects while Jason studied for today. Warren built things and Kellie and I painted.
A perfect Saturday, wouldn't you say?!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Twenty-one - How Can It Be?!

Happy 21st Birthday, Sweet Brett!!!
I can't believe my baby has hit the big two-one. Where have the days gone?!

You are an amazing young man. We (your Dad and I) can not begin to tell you the joy you have brought to our lives. You have always kept us on our toes and continue to do so but that adds a little excitement to our old age, doesn't it?!

In Christ you have potential and it is our privilege to sit back and watch as we see God's plan for your life unfold. Continue to lead your heart, Brett, to the things that will bring real fulfillment - those things of the Lord.

You have an exciting year ahead of you. We will continue to have you in our prayers and in our hearts.

Yes, you are our baby -

and we can't imagine life without you.

pictures by Kellie Dykast

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Faithful Followers

Thanks for sticking with me guys! I have tried to post the last two nights and was unable to. The first night we couldn't get an internet connection and than last night I wrote a long post, with pictures and blogger would not up load or save for me! I was bummed!!!!

We arrived at Jason and Kellies late this afternoon and it is good to be here. We were able to go to their church for mid-week service and than to Sonic for free rootbeer floats afterwards. We were traveling so we heard advertisements for free floats. Everyone that was at church went. It was great!!!!!

We are tired. Warren is already sleeping and I am about ready to turn this off and join him.

I promise I will write a post soon - with pictures but right now I just need sleep!

Thanks to all who faithfully check for up dates and double the thanks to all of you who are brave enough to post a comment!

And now the pillow is calling my name.....