Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Neighborhood Coffee Shop

When we talked about moving to Brazil one of the things
we knew we wanted to do was to frequent the neighborhood merchants.
To become familiar with the people and they with us. To know them,
really know them.

The first day we got here Larry and Karen took us to what was to become our coffee shop:

Queijo e Cia

(it means Cheese and Co.)

There are really several coffee shops in the area
but this one just happen to choose us!

Larry had already broken the ice for us so it hasn't been hard to establish ourselves as
the Americans that try to speak Portuguese!

Today, I actually ordered for myself - that is until they began to suggest new things to us!
Then, when the communication gets too hard, they (or we!) get "Jessica", the shop owners daughter, who speaks pretty good English.

Well, I can't say that we know them well yet but they do smile when we walk in,
they give us a chance with the language
and then they
call for Jessica!

Maybe tomorrow they will notice we are missing!


marissa said...

What a cute little coffee shop! SO great that you want to get to know the people in the shop, as a Barista, it is so exciting to build relationships with your "regulars"!

very fun, and the pastries and drinks look SO GOOD!

Eyes_Wide_Open said...

Oh what fun.

I laughed at Call for Jessica!!

You'll catch on Sheri. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love these pictures and you are so good with the captions they really make me smile. What was in the breakfast pastries?

Love all the details:)

Anonymous said...

It's close to being a Starbucks. The people are probably very curious about the Americans coming in every day. I bet Jessica is very proud of her English skills!
Looks so fun.


Blog Snob said...

Wow Mom, my regular coffee shop in Hungary was MacDonalds. You are miles ahead of me.


Anonymous said...

Sure enjoyed the pictures. Both, Dad and I sat here and looked at them together. Now, we can picture your home and coffee shop. I think it sounds like an exciting lifestyle. I hope it will always feel excitng for you. A Missionary spoke at our church last Sunday and she said, When God calls you to be in the foreign countries to serve him, it is not a burden,but,a priviledge
Mom M.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are settling in really well with the merchants.Especially the coffee shop. Wade said he has had Brazilian coffee and said it is some of the best coffee he's ever tasted. So you must be on the right track. Now to get Jessica to teach you portugese and then you will be able to translate too lol.

You make everything sound so wonderful. Keep sharing so we can all feel like we are there with you.