Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Wonder of It All

We take so for granted the beauty of nature around us.
But yesterday it stared us in the face so as not to be ignored.
We went to Argentina to look at their view of Iguassu Falls.
awe inspiring

a force not to be reckoned with

Some of the same words we could use to describe the Creator Himself.

I am in awe.

The pictures really do not do it justice. In order to really see how amazing it is you will just have to, well, come see us!


Maureen said...

Breath taking, Sheri! Thanks for sharing. Tell Jason to put together a team, and we'll be there with bells on!

Mainely Me said...

How exciting! You took some nice photos. I would love to see AND hear those falls.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! We have an awesome God don't we? To think the Creator of all that cares for each one of us.

Dori said...

Those make our Shoshone Falls here in Twin Falls pale in comparision! We would love to come see them but I'm afraid it may be awhile!

Glenda said...

You're right about the power behind those falls --- and the One who created them! Good pic of you and Warren too. Love being able to "see" you guys this way...a blessing!

Kristen Wilson said...

Oh my goodness we are stunned! Its incredible. Can;t wait to plan a trip there! Love you guys so much. Praying for you.

Shelldell said...

I've heard about this place it is awesome.
I'm glad you had the chance to see them.

Unknown said...

Wow. That is amazing. And to think that is just drops in comparison to God's power.

Eyes_Wide_Open said...

I hope some day to see those falls.

God is awe-inspiring beyond words. His creation shouts his name, doesn't it?

Unknown said...

I think that's cool - Jake.

I think that's LOUD - Max

We love you

hayneshome said...