Friday, March 2, 2012

Telling stories....

Okay, everybody, stay with me.
There are plenty of pictures at the end of this post!

I thought I'd tell you a story today....

When we got here we were given a gift.
Warren was handed the keys to the "beast".
The "beast" being a old, white pickup truck that they have here at the campus.
We are thankful for it.
It gives us some freedom.
We don't go into town often but it's nice to know we can -
without having to ask.

So, we made a couple of trips with others following us -
we felt okay about it but they know the "beast"
so I think they needed to know Warren could handle it.
Handle it is exactly what you have to do.

The steering is exceptionately loose
so it feels and looks like you are all over the road.
The first time I was nervous
but Warren did great.

Soooo, one day we decided to give it a try alone. No babysitters.
We drove to town, did some errands, had some coffee and made the last stop,
the bread store.
While there it started to rain.
Not slowly, not by the bucket full, but rather by the kiddy pool full!

Where had all the water come from within minutes?!

We waited out the worst of it
but then decided we had to take off.
Now it was raining hard (which was an improvement)
and so Warren was being extremely careful.
We were just about out of town when it happened.
The "beast" started backfiring and sputtering
and died.

Sad. Very sad.

We were able to pull to the side of the road but were not in a safe location.
We did not have a phone
or phone number even if we did.
We sat there about 45 minutes praying it would start.

At last, it sputtered
died again.

Great! Another couple minutes wait and we would have it made!

oops. dead battery.

Warren got out of the truck and walked to a car wash that we could see.
He had someone call for a taxi.
It came.
The driver didn't speak english but somehow we let him know what we wanted.
We didn't have an address.
Warren kept motioning for him to continue on.
A couple of times he pulled to the side of the road
and communicate that he wanted to make sure we knew where we were going.

We did.

Then we came to the lane.
It's a long (very long) red dirt (at this time mud) road.
And it's not flat and graveled.
And it is slippery when wet.
Very slippery.

Finally Warren told the guy to turn around and we would try the better way in.
It's longer but with a little bit more gravel.
At least part of the way there is more gravel.
When we got to the red mud again the taxi driver stopped
and motioned for us to get out.
He had gone as far as he was going.
We had about 3/4 of a mile yet!
In the rain on red muddy roads.
I was in flip-flops.

I'm sure we were a sight!

We made it safe and sound.
The truck was towed.
(we were told afterwards that it does this all the time in the rain!)
And we got some good laughs.
Yes, laughs.
We find that it's usually the little things that trip us up.

We are still thankful for the "beast". We just haven't driven it since.

We have gotten stuck in the ditch coming home when we were with some friends.
The guys got out and pushed us out.
It just part of living here, they say.

I thought I'd show you some pictures of the roads that we travel on out here by the campus.
This is not the one I just told you about
but it is the one we take to church on Thurs. nights.
Warren and I decided to walk it this morning in order to get some pictures.
It's quite the ride at night
and especially during/after a rain.

starting out.
rutted but not too bad.

beautiful country.

it's hilly in this area.
see the person going up the hill?
that's where we are headed.

coming to the bridge.

I try not to think about it
when we are crossing.

Warren's resting his arm on the railings - NOT

another hill

notice how the car is on the wrong side of the road?
that's because he is looking to drive on the best part of the road.
that doesn't leave many options.

See what I mean?!
(Dad, your little ruts in Nampa aren't looking so bad anymore, are they?!)

We made it through the worst part.
Now we are in the village on the other side.
A very poor neighborhood.
The roads are flat but still the red dirt.

The sign around the property telling people not to enter.
Things are stolen there all the time.

The building.
Welcome to Thursday night church.
Just so it doesn't rain before we head back....

We walked so we are taking the short cut home
which means going across this river on the log.
I wasn't so sure
but I did it.

through the grassy meadow

At last, a good road!
We're just about home.