Thursday, July 16, 2009

The 100th Post!

I didn't do it on purpose but I believe God even had His hand in this small thing. It's our 100th post and

we are in Brazil!!!!!!

Amazing, even to us.

I meant to write a post and let everyone know immediately that we had made it here but when we got to Tim and TaLisa's house the internet connection was down. (we have someone to come and fix it tonight) We also had no access to a phone because of that! Sorry about the delay for all of you eagerly sitting by the computer and waiting to hear!!!!!!! We decided to go to the mall this today where they have free wireless and both Karen and I are sitting at a mall table, glued to the computer! I, too, am anxious for news from you.

Our trip was great, seriously. Smooth and uneventful. I marveled at the way God has had us make several trips here previously which took care of any nervousness that normally would have been a part of the trip. We slept, we talked, and we enjoyed each other. (okay, I cried alittle too but I'm calling an end to that now!) We were greeted by Larry and Karen at the airport and taken home to a wonderful celebration meal. They certainly went out of their way for us.

We are learning the ins and outs of taking care of everyday things in another country. I will enjoy making the house our home for a time and we both find it very comfortable. I'm even enjoying Peanut! (the dog)

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, your kindness to us and the warm good-byes. We feel so blessed by all of you and left feeling very loved. We will miss you!

So, here we are in Brazil and it feels right.

(to all of you who have left comments on previous post - thank you- they are treasured by me.)


Unknown said...

We're so happy you made it. Josh has a guest post coming on my blog which explains much of what we both feel. Can't wait to hear more news.

The boys prayed for you last night. Jake that you got there safely, and Max that you would take good care of the dog. :)

Shelldell said...

So glad your travels went well.
It will be great to hear about your adventures in Brazil.
Part of my heart is there because our oldest daughter married a brazilian and his parents and oldest brother live in San Paulo.
I've not travel there yet because of finances and schedules but we will some day.
Our daughter has been there 3 times to visit family.
Carmen met Leo at UofO, Leo was her RA. He feel in love with her before he saw her when he saw her name on the list. Carmen is a popular name in Brazil. When he saw her that clinched it. They've been married 6 years and live in Brooklyn, NY.

We named Carmen after a little spanish girl we use to pick up on the church bus. She loved Eric and would sit on his lap and look at him with her big black eyes and say" tell me a story, sing me a song".
We loved this little girl and said to ourselves if we ever have a little girl we will call her Carmen. The Lord blessed us with Carmen who is now 29.

I know that there will be many blessed by you. Tell them the story and sing them a song.

Kellie said...

I'm so glad to hear you got there safe! I was hoping you would post soon :) love you so much!

let the adventure begin!

Mainely Me said...

Grace and Peace, Warren and Sheri.
I was glad to hear you arrived safely. May your days be filled with the wonder of the God who loves us and holds us in His hands wherever we are.

Dori said...

I'm so glad that you arrived safely! Does it seem wierd not to have a return date? I'm praying for you guys and looking forward to your posts. Love you!

Lyon in Brasil '09 said...

Looks like a nice dinner. I wish I could have been there. By the way,
What is Warren doing in the picture? Blowing a whistle or smoking a cigar?

Anonymous said...

Finally, I got your blog up. Seemed my computer kept stopping and then i would have to start all over. We were so glad to hear that you got there ok and now the adventure begins. It will be exciting to read your blogs and just watch God doing his work through the both of you.We love you both and ask that God will just give you a love for the people you are working with.

Anonymous said...

Did all those suitcases really fit in Tim and Talisa's car? Praying for you tomorrow, do Larry and Karen leave?

Love You Both!

Virginia said...

Thanks for the posts, Sheri. We are really enjoying them. You have a wonderful way with words . . . I've been thinking about setting up a blog, but am not sure I could make it as "real" as you do.

Eyes_Wide_Open said...

God bless you both!!