Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We Walk Not By Sight....

Sometimes we don't have to have eyesight to really see.

I was reminded of that as Warren, Jason, Kellie, Brett and I stood in the driveway of one of our neighbors. The man of the house, Steve, had lost his eyesight because of MS about 6 years ago. He lost it quickly, without much warning. As a matter of fact, he was driving home from a vacation when he had to pull to the side of the road telling his wife that he just couldn't see well enough to drive anymore. Hard stuff.

He told us last night that after going through the tough questions (the why, God?) he finally came to the place of realizing that his choices were going to affect not only him but the rest of his family.
And his relationship with the Lord.

He now uses his disability to share with others the spiritual truths that he has learned because of this disability (although I don't know that he would call it that anymore). Amazing man, amazing family. We are looking forward to getting to know all of them a little bit better when we get back from Brazil. We're already blessed for having met them. He promised to pray for us and I believe he will - he doesn't seem like the kind to be negligent in anything he says he will do.

For those of you who don't know - we are headed back to Brazil in a couple of days (the 27th). Our return tickets are for Oct. 18th. We are still on a tourist visa.

We fly into Curitiba where we will be for a couple of days and then our plan is to take an overnight bus to Iguassu (we have some of our things there to pickup) where we will get to spend about 5 days with our friends that we made last year. Looking so forward to that!
From there it is back to Curitiba where we will move into John and Flavia's house while Warren fills in for John at the church for a couple of months. (They will be in the states) Not sure what the plans will be from there but we know that God is always faithful to reveal the next step to us when we need to take it.

After all, Warren met Steve (our neighbor) the other day when he (Steve, not Warren) was out mowing the lawn on a riding mower using his sight stick to guide him.

I figure that if he can do that then I can surely trust my God,
who is able to see all things, to guide us.

I'll be back to regular posts while in Brazil. Please keep us in prayer.
And don't forget: I love comments!!! :)