Sunday, July 12, 2009

TUESDAY, July 14th

On the calendar it looks the same as any other in the past or future but it's not.

It's significant.

Our plane tickets are for that day.

On this side of it, the word Tuesday makes my eyes fill moist and my chest feel tight.
There are a lot of good-byes to say between now and then. Hard good-byes.

There is also some dreaded work as we finish the packing and get the apartment cleaned out and the storage unit ready for the months of just storing. We think we've done what we could to make life run a little bit smoother on this side of the journey. We've given someone power of attorney, canceled services for all the utilities, got an international drivers license, figured out how to get our desktop computer to Brazil (hopefully), etc. There is a lot to think of.

Today we attend Calvary Corvallis for the last time until we come back to visit.


How can your home now become a place you just visit? Only time will tell.

Friends are throwing a going away party for us this evening. We are so blessed.

Tomorrow evening we've put the late afternoon and early evening apart for just Josh, Jodi, Brett and our grandsons. We've elected to not have the teary good byes at the airport but rather keep them a little more private! We'll stay the night at Mom Yoders.

And then it's the day. Tuesday.

It just doesn't seem real.


marissa said...

sending a big I LOVE YOU to you two, from a silly little teary-eyed girl :)

praying for you when I don't even know how or what to pray.

Shelldell said...

All I can say is Wow! It's like Abraham and Sarah, stepping out in faith not knowing the next step till it was time. Fully trusting in God knowing he has it under control. In reality this is not our home it's just a temporary place we are only pilgrims.
I know our eternal home will be grand more than we can imagine.
We travel a lot with work my husband is gone one week out of every month sometimes 2. I've learned my home is where we are. I can't hold on too tightly because I know this is temporary.
I've learned to be content where ever we are.
Other people have stayed in our home when we are gone and it's become their home away from home.
It's really God's house.
It will be hard to say good bye but it's temporary. When you see family and friends again it will be a sweet celebration.
I see our oldest daughter once to maybe twice a year and each time is sweeter than the time before.
There is no time for pettiness only sweetness.
I wonder how it must be for others who sacrificing on the mission field or who don't have family or a place to call home.
It's a comfort to know God dwells among us where ever we go.
I pray for a safe journey and that you will find the peace and contentment you need on this great adventure you are taking.

Danyel Yoder said...

You two are such an inspiration to me!!! I have always been proud to call you "family", but even more so now that I have heard of God's calling on your life, and your willingness to obey. You are truly the most loving and shining example of Christ's love that I have ever seen. I wish I had taken the opportunity to spend more time with you since I moved to Oregon, but perhaps when you return for visits we can get together. I look forward to keeping up with this blog (it is wonderful) and hearing how the Lord is working in Brazil. God Bless you both!!!

Danyel Yoder and Tony Davis

Glenda said...

Well, today is THE day...the "ticket day." I prayed for you this morning and praised God that he has found such a creative way to bring you closer to Him. Today, after you've said that last teary goodbye and boarded the plane, I'm guessing that you'll feel real freedom at last. For today, you're loving him --- not just "with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth." What a praise! In God's will, you are truly free! I love you, friends...

Kristen Wilson said...

Sheri you are one of the most wise, sharing, loving, and encouraging people I know. I am so certain God is going to bless all that you and Warren do down in Brazil and you are going to be wowed by Him.

thank you for your example of walking in Gods big dream for you, thanks for all the hours you have poured your life out here and taking this huge leap of faith to do it there.

thank you for being our friend. love you. can't wait to VISIT. that is a very big word now isn't it?