Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's a New Day

Really, most of life, whether it is on the mission field or not, is full of ordinary days. They are the hard ones to write about because there is nothing to tell. I did laundry today. I mopped the floors. I cooked a meal. I slept till 7:00. I went on a walk. etc. All things I could have done at home in Cleveland, Tennessee. Those are the hard days. Ordinary - could have lived it in my own house, in my own country, with my own family, kind of days.

Then there are the amazing days where you know God did amazing things but you can't write about them because they involve people and confidences. And people (hopefully) read this blog....

Sometimes you just don't know what to say and yet you have so much to say.....

Today started out as an ordinary day. I woke up an hour earlier than I wanted to, made coffee and breakfast. We headed down to the campus for the morning devotions and then I went for a walk with my friend Ashley. We talked. And talked. And talked. It was iron sharpening iron and before we knew it it was lunch time.
At lunch we found out that they were moving classes downtown. Did we want to go? Yes, we did. Warren hung out with the school and 3 of us ladies hung out in town together. Bonding.
What a great afternoon.
Came home to dinner and then one of the students and I made brownies together. She can't speak english and I can't speak Portuguese but we communicated with the little that we both knew and had a great time. We WILL do it again.
Then we had a ladies study at our house. It was so good to get together and share from God's Word. I'm loving these ladies.

An ordinary day turned anything but.

I'm hoping for another ordinary day tomorrow.....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Back in the Saddle....

We are back in Brazil!!! We arrived on Feb. 8th in Sao Vincente where we were able to see Larry and Karen Lyon, our former missions pastor from Calvary Corvallis.
It was such a great time. We were able to attend two of the church service (Warren taught on Sunday evening) and also a neighborhood outreach for children. Someday we hope that God calls us to spend some time in that city of Brazil! We got a day of encouraging the pastor and his wife (Celso and Tati) on the beach! It really was a wonderful time sharing with one another while we enjoyed time together in such a beautiful place. We also were invited to the Assoc. Pastors house (Cristof and Kelly) for good food and fun games. It was a joy to be there.

We've been in Campo Mourao for a little over a week now and came at a time when the crew was in full swing getting ready for the Carnival Retreat. We joined in the fun (and work!) of getting ready. IT WAS AMAZING!

There were great times of sharing, praying together, good teachings, counseling, kitchen work, bathroom details and just renewing good friendships.
I was reminded why we do this.
Come so far at a cost to us.
Because it's worth it.
The people are worth it. And we love them so. To have seen so many faces of people that are now dear to us from so many different cities in Brazil. Well, there are just no words except we are blessed and God is good.

I was able to teach a session for the ladies on Monday afternoon. All I can say is that if there was any good in it, it was the Lord! I love to be with the ladies and God uses those times to stretch me. I always find that He has me share about things I am going through in my own life.
On the whole it was well received.
On the last afternoon we had a baptismal service which is always the highlight of the weekend. Praise the Lord for what was done there.

It was sad to see the buses pull out, taking all back to their cities but we went to bed that night feeling very excited about all that we had seen God do and so very blessed that we got to be a part of it.

We are now settling into ordinary life here. If you can call it that! We got moved into the apartment that will be our home for the rest of the time. It feels good. Today we were able to spend a good portion of the day with the director of the camp and his wife. It was good and we see a great friendship developing even though they are young enough to be our kids!

The camp staff (us included) is considered on vacation since the campers left of Tues. afternoon and believe me it is needed. It was A LOT OF WORK to have 280 people to attend to.

We spent the entire afternoon with our friends at the coffee shop in town (first time!), Warren just got back from a swim and we are headed to church soon. No, this is not an ordinary day here but it's been good. Very, very good.