Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's NOT a pretty picture

The question of the day is:

How are you doing?

We appreciate that people care and take the time to ask but, quite frankly, it's hard to answer.

We have less than a week before we get on the plane to Brazil and the days are full of emotion.

A swinging pendulum really.

It's a bit like opening a present -
there's excitement about the unknown, we're happy to be receiving the gift and are overjoyed with the giver for thinking we are worthy of it. While at the same time we're hoping it's something we're going to like, we don't feel deserving of it, and yet we're enjoying the anticipation and wish the revealing could just be on hold a little bit longer....

We know that we are in for surprises. Even though we have been to Brazil 3 times we have only scratched the surface of it and have only to guess what actually living there will look like.

Surprises are okay - good actually - if they end up being something you like...I'm willing my mind to like Brazil.

Warren is very excited and
I have been too -

up until the last few weeks.

Good byes are just too hard and I can't seem to get past that and onto the "joy set before us". I don't suppose that's unusual for a woman.
The tears come easily right now so if I happen to tear up around you just turn your head -

I'm not a pretty crier.

After all: it's hard to leave you all.


Lyon in Brasil '09 said...

At first, I started to say that only you can know the sheer pain and joy of what you are going through...but that isn't so, is it? God knows your heart better than even you! We have a big God and He doesn't just have the attribute of love, He is Love! God is good and only does good. That is where I am trusting Him with you. You are loved and prayed for friend.

Shelldell said...

Thank goodness for the internet. Can you imagine how hard it had to have been for Missionaries who didn't have communication with family and friends.
I'm sure their dependancy on God was 24/7 like it should be.
I would be crying a lot leaving grandchildren behind.
SKPE is a good thing.
God has his jar ready for your tears and his blessing straight ahead.

Anonymous said...

I can relate - I am always crying at church, usually just before we're told to go greet other people, so there I am all blotchy and disoriented trying to say 'how do you do' while I mop up the mess. Now that we have outdoor services at least I have the sunglasses to help cover it!