Monday, July 20, 2009

A 2 Month Casa

We are staying in Tim and TaLisa's house in Iguassu Falls
until they get back in September.

I thought you might like a tour so when you think of us you can imagine us in
our new home!

This is the pool that Larry took an unexpected dip in!

Behind the pool is the outside room.
There is a concrete wall all around the backyard with a gate (to allow the car in!)

The fireplace in the outside room.

It has been a wonderful place to entertain. The rest of the house is small so this makes for a place to have a bigger crowd. We do enjoy it here and have made good use of it. Notice the laundry. That is the laundry the maid did. And yes, I did say maid. Us missionaries have it rough....

Why did I take a picture when the laundry was hung up to dry? go figure.

The area between the house and the outside room.
Yes, the oven is outside! We do have a cook top inside though.

The living room.

To the right of the couch is where the front door is. We had to move our computer to that corner so that it couldn't be seen from the window. Too tempting for robbers we are told.

The kitchen.

Really a bigger kitchen than alot of the Brazilians have. TaLisa had the large window installed for more light. She had felt like it was like a cave before. Notice the cook top in the corner by the window. Also notice the dishwasher. Not.

Our bedroom.

There is one more bedroom that is the kids room. I think it will be a make shift closet for us after Larry and Karen leave so that we don't have to live out of suitcases anymore.

The bathroom.

There is one more off the the outside room along with a laundry room.
I forgot to take pictures of those.

We are enjoying it here. Today we were able to take some time and walk around the neighborhood. We talked with many shop keepers and did our first grocery shopping by ourselves. (just picked up a few things but it was successful!) We got a chance to try to speak Portuguese with a few people and found ourselves able to come up with a few lines on our own. Yes, even I came up with a few words! We're settling in and making it ours!

For now anyway.


Heather Rodgers said...

Good job with the Portguese words Sheri! I always loved going shopping for food, go figure :)Thanks for putting the pics up of the house. It is good to be able to imagine where you are. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

This helps so much to see each room, now when I think of you I'll have a picture. I loved chatting today. You are probably in bed now:)
Love you bunches!

Anonymous said...

It's fun to see your new temporary home. It sounds like you are making some progress with the language already. Good for you!
Love you.

Glenda said...

Green grass in winter? It can't be all bad! The pool looks tempting...but I'm guessing it's a bit chilly. I love those HGTV shows where they buy non-US real estate. Now I have my very own version! Fun to see where you're setting up shop for now... =)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the tour. It looks so nice and cozy! I want to visit right now.

Mainely Me said...

It looks very livable! And a pool, even. Sounds like you are enjoying the challenge of a new language; good 'brain food', huh?

Shelldell said...

How fun house sitting, we did that for one summer in our last house when we added on. Our girls loved the adventure of it.
It's like your on a long vacation.
How nice to have a pool when it get hot but your in the winter now I think.

Eyes_Wide_Open said...

So nice to see your place. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

It is late but I jut knew that you would probably show some pictures and sure enough, It was a great tour and now we can invision just where you are. A nice home and cozy. Love ya much. Mom

4Him said...

Dear Warren and Sheri,

Thank you for sharing your new beginnings. As you are our hands and feet........ Praise the Lord for your gifts and talents.You are a great blessing to us, thank you!!! We are praying for you....Love Peter and Laurie Caday