Saturday, December 13, 2008

Totally unexpected

God has done amazing things to let us know that we are on the right path and yet I asked.

I really shouldn't have had too but I am a woman of little faith sometimes and have a God of big means. So I asked.

Wednesday night at church we had mission night. One of our missionary families from Brazil and another from West Asia shared with us as they are home for the holidays. At the end of the service our mission pastor told of our plans to go to Brazil. Warren got to share a little bit and then we were so blessed by some coming forward and laying hands on us and praying. We left in awe of God.

The next day, as it so often happens after a time of a spiritual high, I was in a desert place. And that's when I asked.

"God, I know that you shouldn't have to keep affirming to me Your plans. I know that You have done amazing things to let us know Your will for us and yet, today, I find myself weak and faithless. Could you give me something of encouragement to let me know we're hearing You?"

I kinda hoped I would hear right then. I didn't. I realized as I was going to bed that night that God hadn't answered that prayer and I was disappointed. I reminded Him again of the request yesterday.

It doesn't hurt to ask.

Then today, when it was totally unexpected, God in His goodness answered that little prayer with a 2 hour phone call from TaLisa! (her and her husband were the first missionaries sent out by our church and they are still in Brazil). We don't communicate that often but when we do I am always so encouraged by TaLisa and God totally used that gifting in her again today. She told me she had felt so strongly that she was to call me and even went to great lengths to get our new phone number. It was totally a God thing that we were able to connect when we did.

I didn't deserve an answer, but then, I don't deserve anything from God.

He just loves to give.

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