Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rich and Pretty

Maybe I sounded a little whiny, whatever, it worked!

I had commented on Janine's blog that Josh wouldn't even share a bite of his cake from the Arthur's party.


last night, Janine herself, delivered (to my house!) 2 pieces of cake!

It is heavenly!!!!!

I won't tell my grandkids the secret - but in this case - a little whining worked!!

Thanks Janine. We are honored.


Eyes_Wide_Open said...

Glad you enjoyed it Sheri.

It was my pleasure.


Eyes_Wide_Open said...

I bet you weren't as greedy as your son.

Did you share with Warren?

Sheri said...

Yes, I shared! Last night we each had half of one slice and today at lunch did the same. You should have seen the plate - it was licked clean.
SOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! Thanks again. it made my day that you would think of us.

Kellie said...

hey Janine... how about you deliver some while I'm there? Would you do it if I whined a little? :)