Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One Dark Night....

The shepherds were tending their flocks.

They were about their normal business - probably not a career of their own choosing but rather their lot in life. It was a lowly job. Not one to be desired. Imagine stinky, dumb sheep being your companions. Day after day and night after night basically the same thing - with a wolf or a bear thrown in there now and then to add a little excitement!

I imagine it as a still, quiet night - normal in most regards - when it happened. The time when God in His infinite wisdom revealed Himself to the shepherds. With great pomp and circumstance the angels told of the most important birth of all times. And they told it to a bunch of dirty shepherds. The shepherds weren't dressed for such an occasion, they hadn't made a great meal or wrapped beautiful presents. They had done nothing to prepare. But still God chose them to hear of the greatest wonders of wonders.

I cannot imagine the sky that night!

He was giving them, some of the lowest of society, a Savior! As He was announcing to them the birth of the King, Emmanuel, Savior, Redeemer...(etc.) He was also letting them know that they were someone in His eyes. They were loved by Him. He knew where they were and what they were doing. And that this King, this Messiah, was for them too.

And He's for you.

Merry Christmas!

t somehow humbles me...


Anonymous said...

it humbles me too when I think about that night when God revealed himself to the shepherds. i remind myself that God loves me as much as he does anyone. i am glad that we are all equal in his sight. oh, How he loves us.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful reminder, and you know how I need reminded sometimes! Brought tears to my eyes thinking of the most precious gift of all given to us no matter who we are.
Love you friend!