Monday, December 1, 2008

Going, Going, Gone

I can't tell you what we are feeling tonight. Maybe we are just alittle bit numb or maybe, more accurately, we have so many emotions going on right now that it's hard to pin it down to just one.

We've sold the shop. Papers are signed.

We have started this journey of faith and now we are in the thick of things. It's good, it's exciting and it's a little bit scary. It is truly a miracle and it has been amazing to watch God do it.

I am sure the tears will come but right now we are too much in awe.


Unknown said...

I have shed tears for you.

He was faithful with that shop...for the majority of his life...and now God will reward you with different lessons in faithfulness.

Unknown said...

I did have to tell Josh..."ya know, it will be nice to be able to list someone other than you dad on your list of references for the future." ;)

Kristen Wilson said...

Wow. It seems more real now doesn't it. I am so excited for you guys and I can't wait to see what else God is doing! He has so much in store for you. Love you.