Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Monsters

Before Jake was 2 years old he spoke in complete sentences that made total sense. It was so entertaining to listen to him (still is!). I was thinking tonight about how he would find so many things scary. He would say "it's scaaaarrrrry" in a lower than normal voice as he tried to make you understand exactly what he was getting at. He would raise his hands beside his face and move his fingers as he contorted his mouth to make us understand he was not fooling around, he was very serious. Of course, as adults, the things that he found scary we were totally at ease about - silly little things really. We were much bigger than his petty little fears. We tried to comfort him but they were big in his eyes - much bigger fears than he was big.

I was reminded of that because tonight I'm finding life scary. I'm feeling small and tiny with the monsters looming larger than me. I don't even know what all the monsters are but they're big I'm telling you....and my imagination is about ready to get the better of me. I'm not brave and I'm not strong. And I'm scared. I wish I could hide away for a time.

And as I typed that last line I realized I can. Ps 17:8 says "Hide me in the shadow of Thy wings" and Ps. 91:4 says "and under His wings you may seek refuge".

It's really my choice.

And He's much bigger than my petty, little fears.


Brooke said...

Isn't it cool how, it's completely our own choice, either completely trust the Lord or completely stand in fear turned from Him. Just remember fear and trust can not co-exist. Trust in Him!

Kristen Wilson said...

But we do fear Sheri and it is very real. Even David feared, man after God's own heart. I love that Rob shared that a few months past. Not to make us trust less but it is normal and PRAISE the LORD, He always brings us through it. I love your honesty. It wouldn't be genuine sharing if we never shared the hard times too. Love you!

Eyes_Wide_Open said...


I appreciate your honesty. You have a lot on your plate and more coming. I really liked how you compared it to Jakey as I remember him doing that too.

Of course you know in your HEAD that God is in control, but I will pray that is peace will rest upon you.

Anonymous said...

It is scary for your Dad and myself when we think of you going so far from us, but we know that you're not going alone. God is with you all the time and he will take care of you and help you as you prepare. It is good to hide under his wings, just to draw strength from God to continue in the path he has chosen for you. We love you much