Friday, October 10, 2008


Max to grandma: ven ish Ellie oming to ur ouse?

Grandma: I hope at Christmas time. When do you want her to come?

Max: oomorroo

Jake: That's just what I was thinking!

This is a shortened version to the conversation but just know that you are missed by all of us, Kellie. I wish you were coming tomorrow!!!


Unknown said...

This started down at the shop by Jake actually tearing up because he misses Aunt Kellie.

Jason, does moving to Brazil sound?

Sheri said...

I doubt it would be good hermeneutics to say all of my family are called to Brazil because "He will give me the desires of my heart"! Ps. 34:4 But oh, how I would love it!!!

Kellie said...

oh so cute! I wish I was coming tomorrow too.

Now wait a minute... are you saying "the six of us" are moving to Brazil too?!