Sunday, October 12, 2008

God in Heaven

It's a mystery how God works. I really can't figure out His mind (thankfully!) but I must admit sometimes I find myself trying to. Go figure...

We really do feel that God has told us to go to Brazil. It's been confirmed over and over. We have tried to hear and follow God closely on this one. And then (I know it's not true but it seemed like) out of nowhere the economy takes a turn. Now we have already been questioned about our sanity that at this point in our lives we would sell a business, home and possessions and move to another country to do, well, we're not even sure what exactly :) ! And now it's time to put our [lives] on the market and look at what has happened... doesn't look good, does it?

Of course, Warren and I have discussed this many times and I have had sleepless nights over it. Some very long, sleepless nights.

Warren came home on Friday with some insight for me. He told me he had been thinking about the whole US financial situation and how it relates to us right now and then He had a picture of God, sitting up in heaven, considering the whole thing. This is his illustration:

God: Oooh boy, I didn't see this coming. Maybe we should just sit this out for awhile and see what happens. This is a bad time to be selling anything. I was really counting on your resources to take care of you... Maybe I should take another look at the whole situation and figure out if it would be wise to even take you there right now. Good idea, it would be wisdom to put it off indefinitely until we see things are getting better. I mean, who knows if the US can pull itself out of this. Ya, let's just wait and see what happens...I will get back to you later on the whole thing...

Of course, that's ridiculous. God has known all along what he is calling us to, the obstacles that would get in our way, and the exact date that He wants us there. God IS NOT in heaven wringing his hand together, trying to figure out how to make it work.

We don't know God's timing nor how He's going to work everything out. It may not happen like we expect it to (good chance of that!), nor as we hope but we do know this:

God has not changed His plan. We just don't see the whole picture yet.

Please pray with us as we seek Him.

(and get alittle laugh out of the absurdness of the above picture of God!!!)

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Brooke said...

God has definitely NOT changed his mind. He knows the end before we get there, we just have to follow Him there. In God's economy, the stock market, housing market, etc. means nothing.