Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Old Prayer Made New

As of this past June 4th I am no longer a mother (nor will I be again) of a teenager. I, for one, loved the teen years but than I'm a weird bird! Sure, it has it's hard times. The emotions, the spreading ones wings, the things they do that we as parents don't really want to know about until they are grown, out of the house without the consequences type of things (and even then it scares us!). Yes, we had our rough times but all in all it was good times.

During those times in my children's lives I remember trying to warn them to be careful as they made choices. That the scary thing about the wrong choices, at this point in their lives, was that they don't know if the decision would have live changing consequences or temporary discipline or, even better, if they would completely get away with it. I knew my kids would make some mistakes but I prayed hard that they wouldn't be those live changing, hard to live with kinds. God showed them mercy.

In total foolishness, at that time, I really believed it was a prayer for their youth. Today as Warren and I are praying about the decisions looming in our life it all of a sudden struck me that we are in that same position now - in our 50's !

We're so praying for wisdom. That we won't go ahead of God or do anything because it seems right or makes sense (Or worse yet, simply because we want too) . Sometimes God's answers are so in our face and sometimes not-so-much.

We're also waiting on someone else this weekend, a man that loves and seeks the Lord, as he makes a decision that affects our lives. We just so want it to be the Lord's answer. The best for us all because God doesn't do the best for one at a detriment to another. It could be life changing or not. Please pray with us.

And by the way, I'm back to praying this prayer for my kids. Everyone of them.

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, as we wait upon the Lord.

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