Monday, June 15, 2009

Headed West

We are now somewhere in Wyoming with the hopes of getting to Nampa, Idaho tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing my parents, my sisters and their families, and one of my dearest high school friends (the maid of honor at my wedding who I haven't seen in 29 years!) We also have a wedding to attend :
Congratulations Kali and Marcus!

For tonight, though, I must go back in time. While still in Tennessee, when the four of us were out and about, we saw this: The poor driver of this rented truck had not taken into consideration (although it was well marked) that his vehicle may not be short enough to fit under the bridge you see behind it! After a few chuckles I do have to admit we felt genuinely bad for the fellow (just assuming it was a guy). Off to the side of the road we saw alot of young people unloading sleeping bags, sound equipment, etc. The things you would find a youth group having on their way to camp (they also all had matching tee shirts) Although we never did find a newspaper article to tell us what really happened we came to the conclusion it was a high school pastor taking his flock to camp. And I immediately wanted to warn Brett....!!!!! So Brett, if you ever do drive a rental truck remember to find out how tall it is and check the height of bridges before going under them.......!!!!!

This next picture is the before of our best finds at an estate sale. There are two of them and they were exactly what Kellie wanted for their master bedroom. They were $30 for the pair!!

We took them home and painted them with Krylon "nickel" and they were perfect.

The next is my great find:

That's right. Kate Spade for $7.00!!!!!! It's the only way I could afford a real one
and it was cute too!
Then yesterday we had to leave Tennessee. So we said the first hard good-byes.
Poor Warren- what do you do with a wife that starts to cry every time you look at her or try to say something to make her feel better? The only thing you can do - give it time.
Today was better!
I was excited when we started out today because we had decided we were going to detour just a little and see Milford, NE. I had not been there in 40 years! We use to go there to see my grandparents when I was a little girl. Warren always thought it was a big town because so many Mennonites speak of Milford but actually it's tiny. The main street is still the original brick road. So charming.
This is the newspaper office:

I was able to find my grandparents house immediately and this is it:

Not quite the same shape it was in when they lived there but that was a long time ago.....!
All in all we are having a wonderful trip West although a much faster one than the one we took East. Today we stayed just ahead of the tornadoes that were sighted in Nebraska.
We were glad to see Wyoming!


Shelldell said...

Nice trip except for the driver of the ryder truck.

Kellie said...

thanks for the update :) I was wondering how far you have gotten! Miss you...

Unknown said...

I cried at the thought of you guys saying goodbye to Jason and Kellie. But looking ahead, we are very excited to see you. I asked Jake today what he was looking forward to and sort of prepping him that it wouldn't be full of excitement, he responded quickly..."Grandma's going to be there, right? That's what I'M looking forward to!"

Coffee and the Heart said...

hahaha yes mom i will be very careful when driving tall trucks...