Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Out of the Norm

This is not full of insightful stories! (But then, is it ever?!)
This is just a post to capture some of the things we have been doing while here in Cleveland, TN. I told you that Warren has been building a piece of furniture for Kellie and Jason.
Well, welcome to his new shop!
Just before we arrived Kellie had found out from a customer that some of her tags had appeared in Better Homes and Gardens this month. She was not credited but it was fun to see anyway!
(Did I mention I am proud?!)

Our day of garage sales and 2nd hand shops. Just two purchases. This chandelier was mine. Kellie got a plastic butterfly to sell. I could hardly believe people buy those plastic butterflies. I remember them in houses growing up and I didn't even like them then! But low and behold, Kellie had it sold within minutes after arriving back home. Amazing....

Sunday, of course, brought fellowship with Calvary Chapel Cleveland. It was so good to see friends from our past visits and also good to meet the new. They are now out of the house that they had been meeting in and into a building. As you can see by the sheet rock tape they still have some work to do but on the whole it is looking good! All in all, a very sweet time...


and more worship.
After church we headed for lunch and then out to the lake for the afternoon. It was a most relaxing way to spend time. Thanks Clark and Maureen!

Isn't he cute?! (I was going to say sexy but didn't want to embarrass anyone!)

Getting ready to knee board

That's my man!
Now I know all of you ladies will be jealous but I have to tell:
yesterday Kellie, Maureen and I went to Pottery Barn Outlet!!!!
To make you feel better: we did not find the great things that we have in the past. Oh. not that there wasn't any wonderful things, just not the ones that we happen to be looking for. That's what you get when you have specific list. :) We did have a great time together and were able to catch a few other outlet stores too.

We'll end with our self portrait from yesterday.
In case you can't tell:
we're having a great time!


beechpartyfor2 said...

In case YOU can't tell, we're having a great time, too! Enjoyed our time with you, especially having you and Kellie to myself yesterday. You are a fine wine (not milk!) and refreshing to my soul. Love you.

Shelldell said...

Looks like a great time. My husband likes to wake board at Shasta Lake.
I'm not coordinated enough to balance myself so I'm the flagger.

I think I would have preferred the shopping too.

Anonymous said...

Sure would be handy to have a cabinet maker in the family....

Anonymous said...

Warren, you look soooo excited about that cute little chandelier!
Are you thinking about Brazil's electrical ?