Monday, April 27, 2009

The Disappearing Act

It was bound to happen and today it did.

I was standing on a chair getting some things down and when I turned around I saw it:

The Grandkids room (as I've always called it) wasn't there anymore. I had been working most of the day in this room pricing things I didn't want to keep and setting things aside that I did want to keep when all of a sudden, as I turned around, it didn't look like the same room. It was gone.

I had dreamed and planned this room for some time with Jake and Max in mind. I got finished with it just in time to have them spend two weeks here while Josh, Jodi and Oliver went to Africa to pick up Noah.

It became their room. As a matter of fact, Jake told me that just last week when I jokingly asked them why they were in there without asking me if they could be (they had beat us there after church). He replied "well, it's our room!" That's what I had wanted - their own place to be away from home.

But now, even though the basic room is still there, it's gone.

I must admit - it brought me to tears.

This is hard. Really, really hard.


Unknown said...

You're not the only one it brought to tears.

That was really sad!

Anonymous said...

I mourn with you friend, but think of what the Lord has in store, He will bring joy, and you will have those great memories.

jess caze said...

We are praying for you guys. Amazing how are God is working in providing the "outside/physical" signs of his call on your lives; He is faithful to provide the emotional support as well.

Shelldell said...

I can imagine.
We have a grandkid room too.
We prepared it when Lissa was expecting, then she lost her sons prematurely.
Lissa named him Isaac.
So we call the playroom Isaac's room.
At first I would just sit and cry.
Now when we have company over with children it's a place kids can go and play.
Many lives have been blessed by Isaac's room.
I don't cry so much any more.
I reflect and thank the Lord for his grace in our lives.

Sheri said...

Shelley, I can't imagine. I am glad that God has given you joy and a thankful heart now but the loss of the child would have been unimaginable. I pray God fills your house with grandchildren someday!