Monday, April 20, 2009

The Alter

Our God is a miracle God.

When asked where we were in the process of getting ready to go to Brazil we would respond, "Well, the next step is to sell our house." Most usually we would get the look, sometimes people would say it right out. "Good luck in this economy." And just to make the point, some would even add, " Nothing is selling right now." After one such encouraging conversation, at church, I commented to Warren that I wished people would know how discouraging that can be when you're in the waiting stage. He replied that the story of Elijah had come to him and he wanted to say "bring on another barrel of water, then we will know it's the Lord. Where would the miracle be if it were a sellers market? But this way, when the house sells, we will not be able to take any credit and it will show everyone that it is the Lord".

We had an offer that Friday evening and by Saturday the counter offer had been accepted.

The buyer saw the house and property for the first time on Saturday! The inspections were also done on Saturday. At the end of the day we got a call that the buyer would like to meet with us. We had an hour and a half with just the three of us talking. Warren answered some questions and then he began to share about how the Lord had brought them to this house. As he told the story we were, once again, amazed at our God. How He does work everything out for our good. How He is working behind the scenes when we are unaware. All along there had been "barrels of water" poured on this alter and yet God was able. God has even answered the little desires of my heart with these buyers. They love the house. They love that we repurposed things for use. That we kept the integrity of the age. They wanted a place to garden and have fruit trees. He does woodworking as a hobby and is so excited about the shop. They want to put a tree house in our grand Oak in the back yard. (We wanted to do that for our grandchildren).

They are even buying our tractor.

Now if I could just convience them that adding cat number 5 to their pets is no big deal....

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Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Wow Sheri! It's been amazing following the story of how God's leading you to Brazil! And your and Warren's faith through each step. This post just made me want to stop and worship God. Your house selling could have been any old normal transaction, but God instead chose to bless the desires of all involved, showing his heart for those He loves and those who listen to Him. Our Great unfathomable God loves us on such a tender human level, in such simple daily things, and it makes me so in awe of Him. And so in love with Him. :)