Saturday, April 4, 2009

Learning to Know Him

After spending considerable time with these two little guys yesterday - watching them play, tease, cry and console each other - I came to realize that they truly know each other simply because they have spent time in each other's presence.

They can't talk yet but they say things to each other. I was fascinated by the way they communicated without a word and better yet, by the language the two of them have come up with. They know what makes the other one annoyed or happy. I watched as they would cry for the toy the other one had, wanting it only because the other one had it. I watched them pat the other to comfort him when he cried.

They don't know life without the other.

They are companions.

And I'm sure that bond will only grow stronger as they grow older because they spend so much time together.

I was comparing their relationship to mine with the Lord and realized I wanted more time with Him - simply because I want to know Him so well.

photos by Jodi Yoder (and don't worry, Noah's hair has grown back!!!)

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Unknown said...

How true, how true! Great thoughts!