Sunday, August 2, 2009

Seven Good Years (with more to follow)!

all pictures by Jodi because my computer isn't working right and I can't access any of mine..... oh well, these are better anyway!


Seven years ago you made the 2nd best
(2nd only to choosing Christ!) decision of your life.

You chose Jodi.

Our family has never been the same. And we are grateful!

We are overjoyed to watch the two of you together,
to see the love for one another displayed so openly.

And then we are continued to be blessed to see
that love expanded to include
the 4 grandchildren you've given us.
You guys are the best parents ever!

We prayed for you as a child.

We prayed for the woman you were to one day marry.

God has answered our prayers and we couldn't be happier!

Happy 7th Anniversary!

We love you both so much.

Wish we were there to babysit!


Janine the Bean said...

We're the babysitters. I'm sure we're a poor substitute, but we'll have to do.

I'm glad Josh chose Jodi too.


Mainely Me said...

I, too, am so blessed that Josh chose our "Baby". He is an answer to our prayers!

Shelldell said...

Happy Anniversary Jodie

Unknown said...

Aw...thanks! We had a wonderful afternoon drifting down the river with each other.

Unknown said...

Ha ha...I just read the title and thought "Oooo...I hope the seven good years aren't followed by seven bad years!"

Sheri said...

Jodi - I changed the title. I don't believe in a whole bad day (via Cindy Rodgers!), let alone bad years!!!!!!!

heather smith said...

Sheri, what an amazing, sweet blog post to your son and daughter-in-law! What a blessing you must be to them! And Josh and Jodi, congratulations on seven years together and your four precious children!