Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Anniversary Celebration!

One thing we have found to be true of Brazilians is that they
love to get together!
We have been to many of the church people's homes, parties and
after church "going out to eat times".
It has made us to feel a part of the group very quickly.
They mention often how they don't want us to feel alone.
They need not worry.
We haven't partied this often since....well, I'm not sure we ever have!

Upon discovering that our anniversary was on Thursday night
I think they decided then and there that it was another
reason for a party. And not just an ordinary get together
but rather a

For those of you that don't know - that would mean a BBQ.
Brazilians are known for the way they prepare meats and
I would agree, they are the best.
Most homes and a lot of the apartments even have a fireplace
looking BBQ in covered patio areas.
And they don't just do one type of meat for the occasion but many.
And all must be tried! It was wonderful!
Our wonderful hosts, Raamses and Jacque.
We are looking forward to a time that we can get to know them better
as right now they don't speak English and well,
you know our handicap!
Even so, they have not lacked ways to show us love.
It was a blessing that they would open their home to us
and provide such a great time.

The group!
(for Larry - there is a pool behind us- don't step back...)
I don't know how I didn't catch it at the time but I didn't get a single picture of Rafa.
That in no way indicates what he means to Warren and I.
I know that he made a lot of the arrangements for this party. And he is one that is always checking up on us and seeing if we need anything.
He has been an answer to prayer for us here.
The only reason that I can think of for not having pictures of him is that he was behind the lense of my camera much of the time making sure that I had plenty of pictures.
Thank you, Rafa, we love you!

On a side note, I should tell you that this party
began after church on Thurs. night (around 9:30).
We left around l:00 and there were still people there, little kids and adults.
We decided it's just best to keep our bodies on Oregon time!

I was told by Luciana not to eat the salads and other side dishes but instead to save the room for the meat. I tried to listen to that advise but it all looked so good. But in the end I knew it to be true. She had been right!

The master at BBQ!
(I'm not talking about me!)

Following are two of my really good friends here Iguassu. Lori (on the left) is a wife to Neto and a mother of two small girls. We enjoyed lunch at their house on Saturday. Amazing food and even more so of the company. I was hesitant to stay while Warren and Neto went to the men's study that afternoon, knowing that Lori spoke very little English and, well, you know how little Portuguese I speak! But the fears were unfounded. I decided to stay and had a great time. She knew more English than she lets on when she's in crowds and the Lord enabled us to communicate. We were even able to share personal things with one another. I will always treasure that afternoon with her.

Luciana (on the right) is not only our Portuguese teacher but has become a dear, dear friend to us. She is the one that waited in all of the lines right along with us. Her patience seems to know no limits! We have truly been blessed by this woman that deeply loves the Lord.

I love them both already!
And this is my best friend! I don't know what we were laughing about here but that ability is one of things I love most about our relationship. We laugh a lot together. I'm thankful for that. It has helped us to not take the disappointments in life and ourselves so seriously.

And here we are with KaKa praying over us. We didn't know what he said as it was in Portuguese but we left blessed and encouraged by it. We left blessed and encouraged by them - our new and beloved friends here in Iguassu Falls.

Obrigada, friends!

It will always be a memorable 31st anniversary.

And thank you to all who wished us a Happy Anniversary!


Mainely Me said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Too bad I'm reading about all the BBQ when I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

What a great anniversary you two had. We sure thought of you that day. Really enjoyed the pictures. we will be so happy when you learn their language so that you can really enjoy the visiting, without trying to understand each other. that can take hard work on both sides! Mom M.

Shelldell said...

Happy 31st Anniversary, our 31st anniversary is in December.

The Brazilians do love BBQ I noticed that about my son in law he talks about the BBQ all the time and his family has the BBQ on their outdoor deck.

Looks like your fitting in well.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful group of people to love on you guys. It didn't take you long to make good friends even though there is a language barrier. Just wain until you understand what they are saying! With God in common it makes making friends even easier doesn't it.
Miss you.

Kellie said...

Happy Anniversary! I tried to "call" you but I could never get through. I'm glad you had such a good one and had friends to spoil you :)

Love you both!

Unknown said...

What a great group! And a great cause for celebratioN!!!

Eyes_Wide_Open said...

What a party!

Debi said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to you!! Sorry it's been awhile since I have been on here. We had our 26th last week. Time flies when you are with your best friend.