Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Big Enticement

Yes - we did go in a casino.

They are everywhere and we tried to resist but all the flashing lights, laughter, loud beeping sounds, etc were calling to us.....

Really, that's not true. Warren and I aren't enticed too much by that but what did get to my husband?

All the signs along the highway with steak dinners for 7.95! After passing many we came across one that offered a prime rib buffet for 8.95 and that was just too much. We found the pickup, on it's own accord of course, turning in. It was a great meal and they made nothing off of us at the slot machines!

We traveled through Nevada today and find ourselves in Kingman, Arizona for the night. The Hoover Dam was beautiful but other than that we have seen alot of sage brush. We marvel that people want to live here.... :) We wanted to make it a little bit further but instead decided the swimming pool had more invitation! We head to the Grand Canyon tomorrow. And, Kellie, we will be entering through Williams.

I have my eyes toward Tennessee but trying to enjoy the moment....


Kellie said...

I love these updates! Keep them coming :) And I'm glad you got to swim Dad!! Have fun at the grand canyon.

Shelldell said...

I'm not tempted by the lights but food yes.
I lived in Arizona for 13 years before moving here. It's the weather and fresh produce that keep people south. They do have amazing sunsets.
I have to admit I love the NW best.

Anonymous said...

That last picture looks like pictures I've seen of the Sinai Desert...can you imagine wandering around in there for 40 years? With no steak dinners? I'm enjoying your updates and trying to put myself in your shoes, thinking about how I would handle a 'farewell tour' like yours if God asked that of me. ~Heather Harwood

Unknown said...

Not even a quarter? Wow! :)

Have fun tomorrow.