Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's Over. Shout for JOY!

This picture expresses how we are feeling tonight!

We had our estate sale yesterday and today and we are excited about all that we saw happen.

Friends that came out to help, and I mean amazing help. People that came to the sale to show their support to us. Women that brought food for the workers. Men that were here to help carry things out. A wonderful new friend that helped us set up the whole sale and gave such good, priceless advise on doing an estate sale. And everyone should have a realtor (and friend) like ours! There are so many more and I hesitate to even mention some knowing that all were so instrumental in making this weekend such a success for us.

We cannot even begin to know how to thank all of them. The support was unbelievable and we are humbled by each of you.


Truly, there is not much left - which was a huge goal as we didn't want to deal with a lot of things afterward knowing that we have to be out of the house by Friday.

And the weather. We had rain up until Thursday mid afternoon (and I don't mean drizzle!) and then God parted the clouds and gave us warm, sunny weather. By Monday it is suppose to be raining again. He, once again, has taken care of the details.

And for Mother's day my wonderful husband has hired a person to help me clean next week. Ahhhh!

Tonight, life couldn't be better!

picture by Kellie Dykast


Shelldell said...

That is awesome God is so good. Happy Travels

Mom M. said...

We knew that everything would work out just as it did because this was God's project. You were just following his orders and watching his plan unfold. It makes my tears come when I think of all the memories (includung the patio floor) of your acreage and then to know, that we will probably never walk inside that house again. I am so glad that a Christioan family will move into that place. For some reason that is comforting to me. I am happy that you are continuing to follow God's instruction on your move to Brazil and before long we will hearing exciting stories about what god is doing through you, both, in Bazil.

Shelldell said...

Thank you Sheri for your prayers for my mom.
I just read your profile. We know Jodi, she went to school with our daughter Lissa they graduated the same year at Santiam Christian.
She's a sweetheart.