Thursday, May 28, 2009


We are counting down and the time is going by quickly. Tomorrow we leave for Tennessee - driving.

This is a vacation we have dreamed about and looked forward to for sometime. We have never had the luxury of a snail pace vacation because of time restraints and although we still have some, they are not nearly as demanding on us as before.

We want to arrive in Tennessee around Wed. of next week. We want to be in Idaho for my niece's wedding on the 20th and we want to be home by the first of July. Our tickets for Brazil are for the 14th of July. Not a bad schedule, is it?!

At last we have reached a time to be desired. The moving is behind us for now. We are using this time for relaxing and saying our good-byes. We are asking the Lord to refresh us so that we will be able to do the same for others.

And He is doing just that.


Anonymous said...

sheri, i am going to miss you tons but am so excited for what God has for you! Karen

David Jensen said...

Gives, you guys plenty of time to see The marvels of America. You know, worlds largest rubber band ball, national memorial to the largest pumpkin ever grown... real heritage stuff like that. We'll miss you guys, see you in July!

Shelldell said...

Enjoy your trip those are the best kind slow and easy.
Tennessee I hear is beautiful. All of Gods creation is beautiful.