Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sing Along and Blog It

We had heard of the beauty but, quite frankly, we were becoming doubters.

When planning our trip we had decided that we would take the southern route (how southern we haven't decided yet) but having just gone through California in January we headed toward Burns, Or. We took the turn off for Hwy 395 at Riley and traveled toward Lakeview. We had heard stories of Lakeview because our dear friends, the Rodgers, had lived there for 7 years. Just before we left Cindy had told us again how beautiful it was. This is where the doubt comes in.

Sage brush country, to us, is not that beautiful and since leaving Bend that is all we had seen. We were getting close to our destination and the scenery hadn't changed much. But then we rounded a corner. All of a sudden the county name of "Lakes" made sense. There was an oasis.

And it was beautiful.

As we continued our drive we marveled at the way God has made our world so wonderful for the eye to see and yet so practical for life itself. Lakeview, the town, was a quaint little place that I would have enjoyed exploring. We did eat at the Burger "queen". Very good food.

Cindy, we didn't find mile most 7 (maybe we were on the wrong road) but we did enjoy viewing the town as part of your history.

I DID buy a new camera while we were in Bend but, of course, the battery had to charge last night so I haven't got to use it yet. (These pictures are with the old one that only works part time!)

We kept ourselves amused by singing to each other and 'writing' blog posts out loud. (you can only guess how really crazy we are in private!) It's good to be laughing and just enjoying one another again.

This morning we woke up in Reno. Of all the beautiful hotels we probably could have stayed in we choose Super 8. Come on, give us a break. It was clean, cheap and away from the noise - and the first one we came to.

Life is good - on vacation! (we just wanted to rub it in!)


Unknown said...

So glad you are having this time together! Enjoy in interval between the major shift in your lives.

They had a Burger Queen in Ethiopia too! We were a little scared of eating there though.

Shelldell said...

Sounds like fun
I didn't know you both sang that's great.
I use to be in a MOMs in touch group with Cindy many years ago and she gave piano lessons to my two girls.
I really neat gal.
I love quiet too and a clean room is all I need.
I just got back from NY with my girls and had a lovely time. It passed by too quickly.
Enjoy the trip.

Brooke said...

So did you go through the hoppin town of Paisley? That's John's where roots are. I'm not as impressed with Lakeview as you seem to have been. Glad you had a great trip, I'm just now catching up with your blog across america. When do you head back this way?