Monday, September 8, 2008

Finding the Diamonds

Our header is a little deceiving. It's not that Warren and I don't spend time laughing with each other, that's actually one of the things I love most about our relationship. The deception is in the fact that it may lead you to believe that refreshing joy only comes from laughter. Maybe before this weekend that's the belief I kind of harbored myself. I learned differently.

I was at our women's retreat (Calvary Chapel Corvallis) the past few days and came home with things that I want to ponder. I believe God has more for me from the teachings than what I have yet uncovered. I love the time of sifting through good teaching. Of praying for God to enlighten me on the things that were specifically for me. I love when the teacher, through the anointing of the Spirit, can open my eyes to scripture in a way that I have never seen it before. So, I'm still in that process of letting it run through my fingers, finding the diamonds. (thank you, Kari!)

It was great teaching but it was hard. No getting around that. To be quite honest, during the first session I really felt like I wanted to go home. It was TOO hard and I really questioned whether or not it was what I NEEDED to hear right then. When the service had ended my friend Deb turned to me and asked if I was okay. I don't remember what I responded but it was short because I really didn't want to cry. Right on the heels of that my friend Cindy comes over and asked how I was doing. Too soon for composure after the last question, I cry. And cry. Now I don't have one of those pretty cries and I HATE to cry about anything that has to do with me. This is what happened. My two closest friends laid their hands on me and prayed. They whispered truths to me from God's Word and shared in my tears. As I type this the tears are running down my cheeks because it was so beautiful, so healing and so refreshing. It brought about pure JOY!

Who would have thought it? There's Refreshing Joy in shared tears too.

God, You're good and do good. Ps. 119:68


Kellie said...

I think I'm going to have to hear more about this later...

and I hate to cry too :) I must get it from you!

Anonymous said...

And I HATE to cry too! Isn't that funny! I marvel at how the Rodgers girls do it so's like a volcano erupting when I cry and I fight it tooth and nail. Well this is awesome--thank for you for writing this! I love your honesty... I actually wanted to go home after the first session too (!), but God was so good to us! Thank you for being there. Getting to know you was one of the highlights of the weekend for me.
Love, K

Unknown said...

Thank you for the post. Your blog is such an encouragement for me!