Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go On, Melt His Heart!

I spent a few hours at the park yesterday.

We were invited there for a birthday party for one of my grandsons and his cousin (on the other side of the family).

When I got there, Jake and Max were playing in a big sand box with some of their cousins. Max saw me and immediately came running. With a cry of "grandma" he jumped into my arms and I got kisses and hugs while he told me he didn't know I was coming. He expressed pure joy in seeing me and it felt good.

His smiles melt me. His whole face lights up when he smiles and his dimples can't help but make you smile and laugh right back. Even now, I smile thinking of his smile. It's contagious.

Jake didn't see any of this interaction with Max as he was busy playing with his best buddy (and cousin) Aidan. I saw him smile first, recognition. Instead of running to me he turned to Aidan and said "Aidan, look who's here, my grandma! Aidan, look!" Aidan did look, rather nonchalantly, and continued playing. Jake, thinking Aidan hadn't gotten the message, again tried to make him understand that I was there but when he realized Aidan wasn't that interested Jake gave me a big smile and went back to his playing. I interacted with Jake periodically throughout the afternoon and as I was leaving I made my rounds to get kisses from all the grandchildren. When I asked Jake if I could have a kiss goodbye he replied, "and hugs" and flew into my arms. Oh, the joy of love returned!

I was thinking of all of this today after leaving church. Leaving worship. I had to think of the two different responses I got from Jake and Max and my feelings of each. Then I thought of how differently we all are in responding to God.

Max's response was very outward and showy. He saw me, gave me his full attention and went back to what he was doing. That's his personality. He'll kiss you and express his love many times through out the time you're with him. I love that about him.

Jake didn't run to me but he wanted to let his best friend know that I was an important person. He believed that Aidan would find me just as important and he wanted to share the news that I had arrived. Jake isn't one to tell you often how much he loves you or give kisses and hugs but when they come it's so from his heart. I love that about him.

Whose response was right? Which one melted my heart? Both. Because I know these two little boys well and I knew what each was offering me. Their love.

I believe both responses melt God's heart too. He knows us better than we know ourselves.

He knows our heart.

Oh, the joy of love returned.


Unknown said...

Wow. What a neat comparison. I will look for that in my boys. Thank you!

By the way: when asked what was his favorite thing about his birthday, his remark was "Grandma coming to my party." You are loved!

Eyes_Wide_Open said...

I got to witness that hello from Max. He was so excited! And the next day we saw them and Dominic had his Spiderman water bottle. Max said, "Dominic!! My Gramma gave you that. That's tool (cool) isn't it?!"

I really enjoyed this post Sheri.

Brooke said...

Hey Sheri, Deb told me about your blog, and now your on my sidebar, hehe, Keep the posts coming. Can't wait to hear more.