Thursday, June 17, 2010

The World Cup from a Layman's Point of View

This is what the World Cup looked like in our living room on Wed.
while the Brazil team played their first game.
I'm really not that much into sports
but we are in Brazil
and Brazilians take soccer aka Fotebal seriously.
I mean it.
They close businesses during the game.
McDonalds posted a sign in the window
(as did other establishments)
that they would close their doors 15 minutes before game time
and open 15 minutes after the game was over!

before the game started:
So our church did what every church should have done.
They hooked up the TV
and had a party!
And all that could come (in the middle of the day) came!

and although I'm not that much into soccer (or any sport for that matter)

I like a good party!

let the game begin:

most of the group (the food along with a few more fans are off to the side)
tense moments:
looks like there is a chance for a goal:
Right on! A goal!!!!

there was a lot of excitement with each of the two points:
The crazy thing was, when the game was over (Brazil 2, N. Korea 1) everyone just sat there.

Non responsive.
Slowly they got up and started to clean up the mess from the party.

where is the cheering and shouting?


I guess Brazilians take pride in the game
and this was a poorly played game.
Facebook was full of comments from my Brazilian friends
about how lousy they played.

I always thought a win was a win - guess not!

Oh well, better luck next time, Brazil.
(Sunday, our place!)

But the party sure was fun :)

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Glenda said...

So fun to see! (I love your visual blog. It's actually much more fun than one that's only full of copy.) Do you have an official Brazil jersey yet?