Monday, June 14, 2010

Come On In.....

It was almost an eerie sound in our house this morning....
Quiet. Absolutely quiet.
Well, except for the ticking of a clock.

It seemed so to us because just a few hours previously it had been full of activity -
music, laughter, talking and even a few tears.

People spread throughout our home, enjoying one another
and, more importantly, enjoying a time of meeting together
to hear from the Lord and to have fellowship with Him.
The service was wonderful
and Warren felt your prayers.

This is taken from the very back of the sanctuary.
What you can't see is the people off to the right
and in the front.

Studying God's Word

Wonderful worship...

Warren having just finished the teaching.
His translator is to his left.


That's right - we have made the church our home for the next 2 months.
After being here a few days we decided that it would be easier access for us
by foot to grocery stores, restrauants, coffee shops, buses
and most importantly the people, if we stayed here.
John and Flavia have made it clear that we are welcome to use their house
while they are gone -
and if the temperature gets unbearable
(this building tends to get cold, we are told!)
or for whatever reason we may think it a good idea,
we may accept that offer.

But, for now, this is our home.
And we couldn't be happier about it.

the kitchen

the living/dining area
see the stairs at the end of the room?
They lead to the sanctuary and office.

the other side of the livingroom
we sometimes watch a movie here and meet with people
but most of our time is spent in the office upstairs.
The LR tends to be the coldest part of the house-
well, that and the kitchen!

our room
The house actually has 4 bedrooms (the other three are used for children's classrooms)
Each has it's own bath.

our bathroom - the shower is just off to the right

I guess I forgot to download a picture of the office.
Our favorite room and where we spend most of our awake time.
I'm sure before we leave here there will be a picture
or two taken of us here.
We're surrounded by John's books with a desk in the center of the room -
two computers on top of the desk so as not to cause any arguments!!

We had the joy of having people individually stop by throughout the week.
(Warren even got a few going out for coffee times!)
Bible study was here on Thursday night.
We went to a couples dinner on Saturday night
(where we spoke briefly and enjoyed wonderful food!)
And yesterday was busy with morning and evening services.

We loved all the people time!!!

As far as the times in between?
We spent a good portion of it in this very room.
The day we were leaving for Brazil I had injured my hamstring on the left leg.
It finally caught up with me last week and I could barely walk.
So I spent most of the week icing, heating, up on pillows
and generally over-all babying it.

It's much better today.

So if you want me to tell you about the week
be prepared
to hear about Season 2 of the Gilmore Girls,
a little about Everybody loves Raymond,
a Beth Moore Bible study (wonderful),
a few key sentences I'm learning from our first Portuguese lesson,
and what all my friends on Facebook were doing.....

You get the idea!

So, although I'm still trying to be gentle with the leg and stay off of it,
I'm heading out to explore a couple of blocks around our new home.


I need this people.


Unknown said...

What a blessing to see "your" world! Thank you!!

Glenda said...

I'm glad the leg is getting better --- although I WAS GLAD to see you popping onto Facebook a little more often! It's fun to see what you're up to...and I like the integration of church and home. What a wonderful way to be reminded to listen to God!