Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our 5 week Home

the juice bar on the ground level of our building
We're in Rio!

Our apartment is on the 3rd floor.
The open window is ours.
Our apartment building is 12 stories. Notice our open window.

The bedroom: The side that you can't see has a large closet. First time our clothes
have had a closet since leaving home. It feels good!

The bathroom: Josh, it's an instant hot water heater - nice!

the kitchen: that is the side of the refrigerator on the left
The living and dining room combo: This apartment is the largest
that our apartment hunters had looked at for us.

We were welcomed with fruit, flowers and a clean apartment.

Another view of the living room

We arrived in Rio last Fri. and are enjoying the city very much. It could not be anymore different from Foz. People everywhere. Noisy and much dirtier. Be careful where you walk - both for safety and because you never know what you may step on!

There are great needs here. The biggest being that many do not know Jesus. Too many.
It could all be way too overwhelming.
And then I remember.

But God...

And I find myself asking, "Is this the place, Lord?"

Did I mention that this apartment is two blocks from Copacabana beach?!
Pictures of that next time!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The apartment looks like it needs some Sheri and Warren projects! Seriously I'm sure you are enjoying the space and the time in Rio. How sweet to leave fruit, flowers and a clean apt.
Thanks for posting pictures!

Unknown said...

SO GREAT to see your new place. It always helps to make you seem not quite so removed. And thanks for the call. Sorry I couldn't find my camera.

Copacabana. Wow.

Judy said...

You will be close to the beach as the weather is warming up in Brazil? How sweet is that!? [makes up for the curb appeal, I'm sure!]

Eyes_Wide_Open said...

Copacabana....I left a piece of my heart there as well.

I want to come back!!

Shelldell said...

Nice apartment for Rio, I've heard it's quite the party town, very crowded and noisy.
Praying for Gods continual protection and leading.

Kellie said...

I'm so happy for a post! I miss being able to talk! Fun seeing your apartment :) love you!

The Wilson Team ~ Corvallis Oregon Real Estate said...

Wow. I love it, really. Makes me thing of the cozy downtown place you left here and how God really was preparing you. :) Excited to hear new RIO adventures. We really are praying about making a trip. We feel like we want to have sort of a Wilson family mission trip.

JuRita said...

Awesome Sheri! I am excited to see what God does.. we will be praying...Big Hugs!