Monday, October 12, 2009

Copacabana - in the SUNSHINE

Join us for a walk on Copacabana beach!
One of our favorite things to do since arriving in Rio is to walk a couple (yes, you read that right!) of blocks to the beach and take a walk.

We have seen many sights while walking the beach...

some of them not fit to put on a blog!!!!

But all in all, it is a wonderful, refreshing thing to do.
We both love to people watch and the beach brings a great opportunity for it.
There are always soccer (futebole) games going on in the sand and people watching and cheering them on. You'll see exercise classes, sunbathers (hence the comment that all things are not fit to be posted on the blog!), surfers and swimmers.

There are a lot of bike riders, little kids driving battery operated cars and many, many people walking. The main road is closed along the beach on Sundays and on a warm, sunny day both the road and the sidewalk are full of people.
Music groups are playing here and there hoping that people will put their change in the little hats or cans.... There are also "silver men" - people that have painted themselves silver to look like a statue. Once they receive money in their can they begin to move like a robot. Most of them are amazing to watch and worth a few Reals!

And then you see the sand castles.
They are amazing pieces of art. Much detail has gone into each one.
I'm not sure what additive they have put in the sand but even after some heavy rains many of them had survived.

Christ the Redeemer

This is a copy of the famous one that stands on a hill in Rio, overlooking the city.

An artist at work.
I'm not sure if it is this structure or not but one of them actually had a water trough
that ran on top of the wall and came off into a fall at the end.
Very creative....
We are enjoying our stay in Rio very much but it's not all beach time!
Nor has the weather all be beach weather!
It's hard on the Cariocas when it rains. Most of the people depend on public transportation or walk from place to place. Including us! The rain makes that miserable at times. Especially when it comes down in sheets. But it doesn't slow life down here. We continue on as normal although it did make Warren and I decide to stay in one evening ....
Warren has had the opportunity to share at a men's study and also to do the
teaching at church last night. I have had the pleasure of doing the
teaching at a ladies tea last Saturday.
For those of you that have prayed for us - thank you -
God was faithful to use us in our weakest areas!
We have also been invited into the homes of people and taken
on little trips here and there.
We have prayed with people, counseled with people, cried with people
and laughed with people.
It is a blessing to be here and all in all have a hard time believing
sometimes that we have this priveledge.
We do not have internet access at our apartment so that is
why these posts are few and far between. It's our hope that you are
still continuing to hold us up in prayer!
And thank you to all that have e-mailed, commented or facebooked us.
You really have no idea how much we long to hear from each of you and how
much a simple line can mean to us.
So sorry that, right now, we cannot always answer each one.

Today is a sunny, warm day as well as a holiday so can you guess where we are going?!!!!
We do have a pull out couch if you'd like to join us anytime soon...!!!!!


bethany (dreadlock girl) said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures! I love how warm it looks there, and the sand and the people, and that castle and entire village made of sand is incredible!!!

Blessings :)

Kellie said...

I'm so glad you posted! It's hard not hearing from you. The sandcastles are amazing, I wish I could see them in person. I love you so much and praying for you always.

Anonymous said...

I eagerly await each post because you make them so fun!! and we haven't stopped praying. Hope to hear more details about the sharing on Sat. At just the right time:)
Love you!

Dori said...

Wow! What beautiful sand castles and displays! It looks like you guys are really roughing it! I'm just teasing because I know there are alot of things that are tough that you don't put in your blogs (the language being one!). I continue to pray for you and am looking forward to you getting internet again someday! I love you!