Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a Wish to be Illegal....

So much for thinking that we didn't need Tim and TaLisa's help so much. Since they have been back TaLisa has added us to her long list of things to "take care of". We are grateful but humbled. Very, very humbled.

It doesn't feel good to have to be looked after. Even the smallest of things seem to have become things that we need help with - at least that is how it feels. (TaLisa reminded me that what I am feeling is pride - that crushes!)

Life has changed drastically in this little house with the additional 4 people living their lives here this last week. It's been a blessing to us - a fun busyness - but it is busy! So far this week we have been gone every single evening and many of the days. Plus there have been the job of getting kids back to school, putting away the treasures from their trip to the US and connecting with all the friends they had left here for a couple of months. Busy is putting it mildly.

Add to it our visa quest.

Yesterday, after TaLisa had made an appointment for us (and herself) to see a lawyer, we headed off to find out about a new permanent visa that we had heard about. Sounded too good to be true and it was. For us anyway! After going with the lawyer to the Police Federal we were informed that it is only for those that are residing in Brasil illegally. Once every 10 years they issue visas for illegal immigrants to make them legal. We didn't fit the criteria. Then we asked about a missionary visa. (the irony of asking about information of an illegal visa to asking about a missionary visa!) It's recommended that we try for a visa from Paraguay at the Brazilian Consulate. TaLisa is checking on that for us today when she takes the kids to school. It's our prayer that they will allow us to do that as it would be faster and a much easier process.

All in all, we must remind ourselves that God has a plan and is aware of everything involved.

Again, we find ourselves learning to walk by faith.

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Shelldell said...

It's so amazing how difficult it is to be in another country for a period of time and have to have special permits.
Just like we require in this country. I understand why it is, but it sure makes you appreciate the hard work some people go through to become citizens of our country.
Our son in law has a permanent visa here, it was a long haul to get it.
It made me realized the blessing of just being born here and not having to go through the challenges that many go through to become part of the US.