Monday, November 3, 2008

What Else Can a Person Do?

Maxwell has his own little language. And he is a talker. It is so fun to listen to him but sometimes a little frustrating as he tries to be understood and I try to understand.

They (Jake and Max) spent some time with me on Saturday while Josh was doing some work at the shop. We played with snakes and bugs, building caves for the creatures. Max had been talking quite a bit and most of the time, if he stays on the subject at hand, I can figure out what he is trying to say. But when he detours to another subject I'm in trouble. Thankfully, Jake can always fill me in.

Well, one time Jake was in the bathroom and Max was earnestly trying to tell me something. I would repeat what I thought I heard and he would repeat what he had said again only this time LOUDER and SLOWER. It went back and forth several times with Max not changing at all what he was saying but laughing at me for not understanding even though he was giving me the courtesy of making it a little louder and slower each time. I finally told him I was sorry but couldn't figure out what he was trying to say and that when Jake came back maybe he could interpret for me. Max was entirely dumbfounded that I couldn't figure it out.

How loud and how slow would he have to talk, anyway?!

It brought back memories of me in Brazil trying to communicate with them in English when they can only speak Portuguese. There is something about speaking slower and louder that, for some reason, I think might help them to understand. It doesn't.

I found acting it out works a lot better!

I hope I pick up Portuguese fast because I, like Max, love to talk.


Kellie said...

you know what had me laughing the most about this post? You learning Portuguese fast :) Love you Mom, and I hope you do!

Unknown said...

It is amazing what you can pick up with incentives (like talking).

You know what made me laugh was the acting it out part. We learn signs from time to time and the other day Max says (in one of these moments) "This is the sign for it" and then did some random thing with his hands.

Or you will end up like I was in Hungary and only ever order a kilo of ground beef because you can't remember the words they use for other measurements.

Kristen Wilson said...

It makes me think how we are with God sometimes. We think we here Him and we get it wrong, so we keep answering and thankfully He keeps answering us. Max has the patience of the Lord! SO cute. I will pray about the Portuguese.

Eyes_Wide_Open said...

Oh Sheri,

It will come. I loved in Brazil when the people would take to ME slower and louder. And then realize that I just didn't know the words.

With my hair and skin tone, they thought that since I LOOKED like a Brazilian, I should be able to become fluent in 2 weeks.

Just keep practicing and don't be shy.