Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The greatest Need

"Sheri, is there anything going on in your life? I saw you here last week and all week long God has given me a picture of you and a word to pray for you. Is there something going on?"

This came from a woman from our church that I barely knew who visited one of our classes last week and then again today. She didn't know about Brazil. I briefly shared all that God was doing in my life and asked her to continue to pray. She said she would.

I was refreshed. I was excited. God had laid me on someones heart that I barely knew - to pray for me. How great is that? I was ecstatic!

We are so in need of prayer. A couple months ago God spoke to me that what we really needed and what we should really be in prayer for was not financial supporters but rather prayer supporters. People that would come along side of us and pray. Would you want to be one?

It's really no less of a calling....and we are so needy.


Eyes_Wide_Open said...

We will Sheri. As often as I remember, I'll pray for you.

Your sister in Christ,


Kristen Wilson said...

We are praying for you! Count us in. Love you guys so much.

Jen said...

Thank you so much for posting all you do! What an encouragement to see honestly what it is like to go through this process! (I told you I would comment) :) What a blessing to share a love of Brazil with someone in class! Praying for you both is an honor! Jen

Anonymous said...

We have been praying often for you and Warren and your going to Brazil and will continue to. It isn't easy to see you go so far away and for that we need your prayers that we can release you to go. Dad and I are both so happy that you are willing to go wherever God calls you to go. What more could parents want from their children then obedience when God calls them to serve, where ever that might be.
We love you both,....Mom