Monday, October 19, 2009

Women Things

One of the things, in Brazil, that have been a trial and a joy to me has been women's ministry .
If you know me, you know that I have always loved being involved
in this ministry at our home church in Corvallis and was
blessed to sit under amazing women as they
lead in Bible studies and prayer times.
Basically, they discipled me.
I am grateful.
And now it became my turn as first in Iguassu Falls I was given the opportunity
to lead a weekly Bible study with the ladies of the church.
I was scared, they were gracious!
What a great time of fellowship from week to week.

I came to love each one and look forward to every Friday night.
I still miss our nights together.
There was serious study and discussions. A few tears. And alot of laughter together.

And food - fun and food go hand in hand in Brazil!

I miss you all and look forward to seeing you once again!
Thanks for letting me learn with each of you....

Although we haven't had a weekly study while I've been here in Rio
we did have a special night for the women.
I was asked to teach.
Once again, I was scared.....

I prayed and studied for days. The Lord didn't reveal to me what the teaching was to be on. Warren told me not to worry, God would come through.
I reminded Him that I'm not a last minute type of person.
He reminded me that He is God.
And then, the day before, He did show me what I was to teach on.
I studied. I was prepared. I was still scared.
But God did come through for me. I literally felt Him lead me through the study.....

The worship was a blessing. The decorations amazing. And the fellowship wonderful.
And then the Brazilians came through with the food thing once again!

It was a night I will always remember as one where the Lord, once again,
showed Himself faithful to me.
And I saw the wonder of Christian fellowship as prayers were said, tears were shed and laughter rang throughout the room.
God, you are good and do good.


Anonymous said...

Isn't is so beautiful how the Lord works and how us women can fellowship together because of Him? You had great examples and it's a joy to watch you depend on Him. I'm glad you are able to bless them and that they bless you also.
Love you much!

Shelldell said...

God is good to provide in every way

Anonymous said...

I loved this entry. Over and over I am reminded how good it is to be desperately dependent on God because He always comes through-then our faith grows for the next time. This looked like so much fun. Wish I could have been there:) Cindy

Anonymous said...

what fun you are having. Isn't God good!! I had to laugh when you said "I'm not a last minute type of person" cuz you for sure are not...But God!! He has given you only tid bits of info this whole time since you have been preparing to go to Brasil, and you have had to be totally dependet on Him for everything. Hmm, maybe He wants to keep you totally depended on Him for everything and not do it your way lol. Wish I could have been there to sit under your teaching. I know you did and amazing job cuz God doesn't produce anything but!!
Miss you.

Anonymous said...

Também estamos com muita saudade!
Quando voces voltam?