Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Tour

Because I have been asked I will try to include a link for a tour of our house.
Someday I'm sure that I will be glad to have this video but right now it feels so.......weird to have our house out there for all to visit and go through. :)

I wish I could greet you at the door and walk you through myself. Or better yet, sit down with you and have a cup of tea (or coffee) and chat. We have been blessed to see so many friends and family come through these doors.

We, of course, had to have it in the best of shape for the video but please know that it is our home. We have truly lived here. Toys have been strung out across the floors, dishes have been piled high after family meals, beds have been unmade, muddy tracks have been left on the laundry floors and there have been rings in the tub. :)
Laughter has echoed through it's walls, tears have been shed, praises have been sung and many, many prayers have been cried out here. We have danced (yes we have, but only behind closed doors!) and played games, had birthday parties and brought all of our new-born grandsons here.
We have fought and we have loved here.

It is our family home.

We recognize that it is an undeserved gift from God that we have been able to call this place home.

And we are grateful.

picture by Lionel Wilson


bethany (dreadlock girl) said...

It is a beautiful home, and I know what you are saying by feelings of sadness going along with it all, selling your home.

You will feel a HUGE weight of release when it is sold though, even though the sadness you will be weightless.

blessings and encouragement, you two are my heroes for following the call God has placed on you!

Aaron and Joy Edewards said...

Oh my gosh, Sheri. I just watched the tour and I was crying. I am not exactly sure why. Maybe my heart aches for Josh, Jodi, Jakd, Max, Noah Oliver and any more to come, at the thought of having two very loving grandparents move so far away. Maybe for the memories we have of the farm where our little pony lived and caused so much trouble and of the two people who never really complained to have the hassle. Maybe it's the birthday parties and attack rooster, gathering eggs and looking for fish in the pond, house sitting and blackberries. I think the real reason is because even though we are not blood family I will miss you. You invested some great things in my life. I thank God you did.

Carmen Winter said...

Your home is sooooo lovely and your hospitality admirable. I hope your move to Brazil takes a little time for Tom and me to adapt to the idea of needing to find a new Home Fellowship group. You and Warren are irreplaceable.

Mom Miller said...

I could just cry when I read your blog. I just can't imagine the emotions that you go through,when people are touring your house. so many memories etc. When I feel the saddest, I remember that you and Warren are being faithful to God's calling and I am thankful. When I focus on self, it seems impossibe and when I focus on God, there is hope.

Eyes_Wide_Open said...


It's beautiful. I have to admit, as I was looking back through photos last week for Aidan's photo book, I was saddened to think there may not be another Jakey birthday party there.

We love you and continue to pray for you.