Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's humbling to receive correction. But it was lovingly given.

Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge.
But he who hates correction is stupid.
Prov. 12:1

I hear I should be giving credit where credit is due. Of course, I should. Why didn't I think of that myself?

Because I am NOT a good photographer and because I do NOT normally have a camera with me, I very seldom have pictures to share. (and now our camera is broken!) So what did I do? Well, I did what every electronically- handicapped person would do - I stole pictures. Unintentionally, mind you. So, having had that brought to my attention, I apologize to those I have stolen from and will try to give credit of the last two. (I hear I'm suppose to link it. Oh man! How long is that going to take to figure out?.....)

Again, I am sorry.

They are great pictures!

From my last post:

The first picture was taken from Brett's Facebook page. Probably taken by Jason.

The second picture was taken by Heather Smith, one of Kellie's best friends.

I know I've used some of your pictures, Jodi. Sorry. I'll try to do better......


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheri! I'm just impressed that you know how to do a blog, let alone one with pictures!

And what's this about you not having anything to say? Never thought I'd hear that from one of the Miller sisters!


Anonymous said...

Ah, Sheri, you are so incredibly cute and I am sure no one has taken any offense! I'm just so proud of you for sticking with it and doing all of this learning! There are so many people who would love to blog but don't know how and look at you! You've even learned how to add photos and now to give credit! We are all in this together - life is one big learning experience, isn't it? Thanks again for the credit and link!

Unknown said...

You can use my kiddos pictures anytime you want. They aren't copyrighted and you have my permission 100% :)

Kristen Wilson said...

You have made an honest woman of your self!(: Love all the pictures anyways, regardless! Love you!