Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making of a Table

We have been "home" for 2 weeks now and I realized that I still hadn't
put any pictures of the table that Warren built while we were in Brazil.
Alipio (director of the Bible School) and Ashley have been living there since Nov.
They are doing some work on a house, trying to make it their home.
We had asked if there was anything Warren could do for them 
and they came up with the idea of a table.
Their dining room is enormous.
The table had to be large.
and weighs around 500 lbs.
It is made out of recycled lumber from an old building
with minimal tools.

This was delivery day!

 Ashley's face as they were bringing it into the house!

I'm not kidding when I say it weighs about 500 lbs.  
It took 5 guys to carry the top and they had a hard time with it!
The top boards were 1 1/2" thick.

Gently boys, without landing it on any ones foot!

The base in place.
It had to be positioned correctly because that table
wasn't going anywhere once the top was on!

The finished table
with the owner and the builder!


You might have noticed from the beginning pictures
 what Ashley and I were doing that day.

Yes, painting!

The room had a two-sided rock fireplace that was in bad condition
so they had had it covered with sheet rock.
Because there were a lot of void places behind the sheet rock
we couldn't lean a ladder against it.
Now, how do you paint out the trim if you can't get up there?
This was Ashley solution:
A paint brush taped to the end of a broom handle.
And you know what?
  It worked!!!!

The finished look.

Remember how big I told you the table was?
The room is huge!!!

Warren enjoyed doing the project
and we are told that the table has already been used for a staff breakfast.
Knowing the two of them, it will be used often.

Just one of the things that kept Warren busy
while in Brazil!


Joni said...

I see quite a few "Sheri" touches in that room. Looks great!

kellie said...

nice work Dad, it looks amazing!!