Wednesday, March 30, 2011

For Today

Warren's brother-in-law died last night.

Totally unexpected. Too young to be gone. Too soon for all the loved ones that remain here.

I watched a good friend of mine go through the grieving process after losing her husband and
felt that I learned so much from watching her...

but now, once again, I have no idea what to say or do. Death is too hard on the people that are left to live life. There is no words that you can say to someone that will bring comfort for a loss that feels as though it is strangling them.... where they are almost wish it would.

Here we are in Brazil. Feeling so helpless and far away. We had thought the day could come
when we would lose someone we loved while we were at such a distance. But the thought of it
was so much easier than the reality of it.

I had the sudden rush of wanting to be with my family. Not wanting to lose a second of time with any of them. Of course, this isn't possible. Of course, even if there were not such a distance we would continue living life in and out of each other's presence.

But for today, I will treasure more the lives of those that I love so much. I will pray more for them and take joy in their voices on the phone, their comments on Facebook and just in my knowledge that they are a part of my life.

For today we will mourn the loss of a man that made Warren's sister so happy. A man that was a great father and grandfather. A man that was friends with all.

I can only picture him smiling. I can only picture him living life to the fullest.

This is the man we shall mourn today.

Rest in peace, Dennis. You are greatly loved and will be greatly missed.


Melissa Lyon said...

I am so sorry to hear this. We will pray that you guys have peace and your family back home will feel God's presence more through this time.

Mainely Me said...

So sorry to hear of the loss in your family. It hurts, I know. My brother died six years ago at age 56 and we were working in Pennsylvania at the time. We chose not to return for the funeral because we had just spent two weeks with him before he died and it would have been expensive and hard to rearrange all George's work. But I identify with your feelings of wanting to hear the voices of other lived ones. It was a growing time for me. I know you are drawing on the presence of our loving God and Father to ease the pain of separation.

Anonymous said...

Sheri, I was so sorry to hear about Dennis' death. Our prayers are with you, Warren, and his family. Joni