Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sharing Time

I'm smiling today

because it's a extra-special day.
Double the fun,
double the excitement
and double the anticipation.

It's a double (actually triple)
birthday in our family!!!

I Remember (so long ago) when my youngest sister was born.
Not only was she a ways behind in years then the rest of us
but it was also on my Mom's birthday.

Special indeed!!!!

Where do I begin to say what these
two ladies have meant to me?

To say that my life wouldn't be complete without either of them
is under-estimating their value.

Of course, Mom, you have shaped my life.
I know I have sung your praises to everyone before.
So today, I'll just say "ditto"
and mean it with all my heart.

I only wish to be as beautiful as you-
inside and out!

And Sandee -
our family wouldn't have been complete without you.
Your compassion
for the sick amazes me
and your sense of humor has kept us all in stitches.
A great combination.

We've had some good talks,
you and I,
and at some point my little sister grew up
and became a friend.

I love you both
and I am so thankful that you are in my life.

Have a wonderful day -
and may the year be filled with God's blessing,
direction and wonderful surprises
that only HE can give.

Happy Birthday!!!!

* and one more thing -
I also have a niece born on this day.
The baby of the entire family.

Happy birthday, Janae!

You keep life interesting!
and I love you much.

(okay,okay, Janae is just as special as the other two
but I couldn't start posting for all the nieces and nephews-
I'm just too forgetful.
while at the same time, how could I not mention it,
being the same day and all?
Life's decisions are hard.....)

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Mainely Me said...

October 3rd was George's mother's birthday also! Another great example of someone who loved the Lord and the family He gave her. And a lot of other people were blessed by her loving spirit.