Thursday, July 8, 2010

Enjoying the View

Outside the office window

I just walked outside of the office door
(where we spend a lot of time when it's cold outside
because we can heat up this room fairly easily)
and it hit me:


Warren had made breakfast this morning and on a whim
decided to make scrambled eggs with
green peppers, cheese and garlic.

Now, don't get me wrong,
I like garlic and I am very happy that Warren
has been taking such good care of me
while I am down with this bum leg
of mine....
we have church tonight - here.
and the smell is pretty strong, no, make that
very strong!

And I know of no quick fix
to rid a place of garlic smell.

(the eggs were wonderful though!!!)

waiting for the results of my MRI

We've been in Brazil for 7 weeks now.
(5 of the days we spent in Iguassu
the rest of the time in Curitiba)

It hasn't gone as we had anticipated.

It never does.

Most of you know that I have had some problems with one of my knees.
The day we were leaving Cleveland for the airport I noticed that it hurt to go
down the stairs at our house.
It continued to get worse as time progressed until one day
some of the girls here in Curitiba insisted that I go to the doctor
that very afternoon.
Making a long story short, I ended up having an MRI
and found out that the cartilage in the knee was impacted.
(not sure how it happened but probably in the packing process)
There was fluid on the knee and inflammation
so shots, medicine, ice, heat and no walking
were the prescriptions for healing.

Then the doctor added
"it takes a long time to heal".

And it has.

Although we were so very thankful that no surgery was needed
it has been hard to be sitting most of the time, with the leg up!

It has changed what we would normally do while
stationed in a place like
beautiful Curitiba.

We haven't been able to do much exploring.
Making for few pictures when you sit around most of the time.

But it's been good.

It's been great.


Ju's birthday party!

And I must say that the people have been the greatest
in caring for us.
Humbling, really, as they drove us around and made
arrangements for doctors, taken us out to eat,
watched movies with us,
cleaned the church for us,
made sure we had clean sheets and towels
(and anything else we could possibly need),
translated for us
(the greatest gift of all)
spent time with us.

I know that we cannot possibly give back to them
all that they have given to us.

No, these aren't my feet. Oh, I wish!

look at those heels on the dancing feet of the birthday girl!

And I can't say enough about Warren.

Servant hood.

For seven weeks.

How does that sound to you?!
(and, really, without complaining)

But we have had some excitement:

one way to let the sun in!

Imagine being in the study, talking with two of the guys
from the church,
and all of a sudden hearing an awful noise that doesn't
seem to stop!

We (at least the other 3 people!) ran out to the
sanctuary to see what happened
and find this.
With two legs sticking out from above!

One of the electricians had fallen through the roof
and the wood ceiling!

thankfully, he wasn't hurt

Ricado holding the roof tile.

and all of the repairs were made yet that day.

Earlier this week we had Ben, Melissa, Moriah, Daniel
and Julia Lyon here for a visit.

They had recently sold their belonging
and took the step of faith to move to Brazil.

Last year at this time we were doing exactly the same thing.
Okay, not exactly.

We did not bring along 3 children and I was not pregnant!

They were on their way to Foz do Iguassu where they will
participate in the Missions Training Program
for 2 months.
It was a joy to spend time with them.
(I can't believe I didn't get a picture!)
Please pray for them as they adapt to a new country,
find a doctor for Melissa and the baby,
and make decisions,
life changing decisions,
for their family.

We are praying about whether God
would have us join them for the
training program.

Please join us in that prayer.

Although we think it could be a valuable thing for us
we also are aware that it would take the remainder of our time
here in Brazil this trip
(other than the last week of a leadership conference)
and would mean not making a trip to some of the other churches.
All in all, we just want God's best.

Before I sign off, with you believing that we do nothing here,
let me tell you-
ministry has been sweet.
We have had time to devote to study, prayer, counseling
and fellowship like never before.

I believe that is why God has allowed
this trial in my life.

And for that we are grateful.

I've got to go. Some of the girls are treating me to "spa day" this afternoon
(they are just that great)
and I just remembered the garlic.

Anyone know about a quick and easy way to get rid of garlic breath?!


Eyes_Wide_Open said...

Good to see you blogging again Sheri. Rest well. I love hearing your thoughts.



Anonymous said...

Wish I could come keep you company, but I think you new friends are doing a great job at that. Hope your knee is feeling much better.
Just heard yesterday that used coffee grounds left around will take away bad smells. Worth a try.
Miss you and always praying.


Kellie said...

you're funny mom :) It seems to me that you would have lots of time to blog since you can't walk, hint, hint! Love you so much!