Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good, Good Memories

It's hard to believe that we leave this great country of Brazil tomorrow. As we leave, I wanted to show you a few pictures that capture some of the things, places and people that we saw over the last 5 months.

We are so blessed to have been given
the opportunity to renew aquaintances
and make new friends.

We will miss all of you.
And though your picture may not be seen here you are no less thought of.

We have came to love you.
How blessed are we all to be called
"the children of God"!

We already look forward to our return.
Please pray for our visa process
and that God will reveal His will for us
regarding where we are to make our home.

I will continue posting of our adventures in the states. We hope to return to Brazil sometime in Feb. or the beginning of March.
Thank you faithful readers for joining us here and a special thank you for all of you that hold us up in prayer.
God has been good to us and His loving kindness never fails.


Mainely Me said...

I will be praying for safe and 'uneventful' travel for you. And I know that joyful reunions await you here in the states. We're not so far from Tennessee right now. We are in south central Kentucky and will be here another week, I think. Blessings, Jan

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Sheri... It makes me want to get back there for a visit soon. Love you tons and tons!!